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study hall

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Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

study /ˈstʌdɪ/ vb (studies, studying, studied)
  1. to apply the mind to the learning or understanding of (a subject), esp by reading
  2. (transitive) to investigate or examine, as by observation, research, etc
  3. (transitive) to look at minutely; scrutinize
  4. (transitive) to give much careful or critical thought to
  5. to take a course in (a subject), as at a college
  6. (transitive) to try to memorize: to study a part for a play
  7. (intransitive) to meditate or contemplate; reflect
n ( pl studies)
  1. the act or process of studying
  2. (as modifier): study group
  3. a room used for studying, reading, writing, etc
  4. (often plural) work relating to a particular discipline: environmental studies
  5. an investigation and analysis of a subject, situation, etc
  6. a product of studying, such as a written paper or book
  7. a drawing, sculpture, etc, executed for practice or in preparation for another work
  8. a musical composition intended to develop one aspect of performing technique
  9. in a brown studyin a reverie or daydream
Etymology: 13th Century: from Old French estudie, from Latin studium zeal, inclination, from studēre to be diligent

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