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sub /sʌb/ n
  1. short for several words beginning with sub-
    See subeditor, submarine, subordinate, subscription, substitute
  2. Brit informal an advance payment of wages or salary
    Formal term: subsistence allowance
vb (subs, subbing, subbed)
  1. (intransitive) to serve as a substitute
  2. (intransitive) informal to act as a substitute (for)
  3. Brit informal to grant or receive (an advance payment of wages or salary)
  4. (transitive) informal
    short for subedit

sub- prefix
  1. situated under or beneath: subterranean
  2. secondary in rank; subordinate: subeditor
  3. falling short of; less than or imperfectly: subarctic, subhuman
  4. forming a subdivision or subordinate part of a whole: subcommittee
  5. (in chemistry) indicating that a compound contains a relatively small proportion of a specified element: suboxide
  6. indicating that a salt is basic salt: subacetate
Etymology: from Latin sub

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