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sub power of attorney

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WordReference Random House Learner's Dictionary of American English © 2017
sub /sʌb/USA pronunciation   n., v.,  subbed, sub•bing. 
n. [countable]
  1. Informal Termsa submarine.
  2. a substitute:We hired a sub to teach her class.
  3. Food, Dialect Termsa submarine sandwich.

v. [no object]
  1. Informal Termsto act as a substitute for another:Can you sub for their French teacher tomorrow?

sub-, prefix. 
    • sub- comes from Latin, where it has the meaning "under, below, beneath'':subsoil; subway.
    • sub- is also used to mean "just outside of, near'':subalpine; subtropical.
    • sub- is also used to mean "less than, not quite'':subhuman; subteen.
    • sub- is also used to mean "secondary, at a lower point in a hierarchy'':subcommittee; subplot.
  • Sometimes this prefix is spelled as su-, suc-, suf-, sug-, sum-, sup-, sur-2, sus-.
    sub.,  an abbreviation of:
    1. Militarysubstitute.
    2. suburb.
    3. suburban.
    4. Transportsubway.

    WordReference Random House Unabridged Dictionary of American English © 2017
    sub (sub),USA pronunciation  n., v.,  subbed, sub•bing. [Informal.]

    1. Informal Termsa submarine.
    2. a substitute.
    3. Food, Dialect Terms, Dialect Termsa submarine sandwich. See  hero sandwich. 
    4. Informal Termsa subcontractor.
    5. a sublieutenant.
    6. Informal Termsa subordinate.
    7. a subaltern.
    8. British Termsan advance against one's wages, esp. one granted as a subsistence allowance.
    9. Informal Terms, Photography[Photog.]a substratum.

    1. Informal Termsto act as a substitute for another.

    1. Informal Terms, Photography[Photog.]to coat (a film or plate) with a substratum.
    • by shortening of words prefixed with sub-
      3. See  hero sandwich. 

  • Business, Governmentsupplemental unemployment benefits.

  • sub-, 
    1. a prefix occurring originally in loanwords from Latin (subject;
      on this model, freely attached to elements of any origin and used with the meaning "under,'' "below,'' "beneath'' (subalpine;
      ), "slightly,'' "imperfectly,'' "nearly'' (subcolumnar;
      ), "secondary,'' "subordinate'' (subcommittee;
    2. Chemistry
      • Chemistrya prefix indicating a basic compound:subacetate;subcarbonate;subnitrate.
      • Chemistrya prefix indicating that the element is present in a relatively small proportion, i.e., in a low oxidation state:subchloride; suboxide.
    Also,  su-, suc-, suf-, sug-, sum-, sup-, sur-, sus-. 
    • Latin, combining form representing sub (preposition); akin to Greek hypó; see hypo-

    1. subordinated.
    2. Journalismsubscription.
    3. Militarysubstitute.
    4. suburb.
    5. suburban.
    6. Transportsubway.

    Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

    sub /sʌb/ n
    1. short for several words beginning with sub-
      See subeditor, submarine, subordinate, subscription, substitute
    2. Brit informal an advance payment of wages or salary
      Formal term: subsistence allowance
    vb (subs, subbing, subbed)
    1. (intransitive) to serve as a substitute
    2. (intransitive) informal to act as a substitute (for)
    3. Brit informal to grant or receive (an advance payment of wages or salary)
    4. (transitive) informal
      short for subedit

    sub- prefix
    1. situated under or beneath: subterranean
    2. secondary in rank; subordinate: subeditor
    3. falling short of; less than or imperfectly: subarctic, subhuman
    4. forming a subdivision or subordinate part of a whole: subcommittee
    5. (in chemistry) indicating that a compound contains a relatively small proportion of a specified element: suboxide
    6. indicating that a salt is basic salt: subacetate
    Etymology: from Latin sub

    sub. abbreviation for
    1. subeditor
    2. subito (in music)
    3. subscription
    4. substitute

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