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sub•scrip•tion /səbˈskrɪpʃən/USA pronunciation n. 
  1. [countable] a sum of money given or pledged as a contribution, investment, etc.
  2. [uncountable] a fund raised through sums of money subscribed.
  3. [countable] the right to have a newspaper or magazine delivered, receive cable television service, attend a series of concerts or plays, etc., in exchange for a sum paid.
See -scrib-.

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subscription /səbˈskrɪpʃən/ n
  1. a payment or promise of payment for consecutive issues of a magazine, newspaper, book, etc, over a specified period of time
  2. the advance purchase of tickets for a series of concerts, operas, etc
  3. (as modifier): a subscription concert
  4. an amount of money paid or promised, as to a charity, or the fund raised in this way
  5. an offer to buy shares or bonds issued by a company
  6. the act of signing one's name to a document, etc
  7. a signature or other appendage attached to the bottom of a document, etc
  8. agreement, consent, or acceptance expressed by or as if by signing one's name
  9. a signed document, statement, etc
  10. chiefly Brit the membership dues or fees paid to a society or club
  11. an advance order for a new product
  12. the sale of books, etc, prior to printing
  13. (as modifier): a subscription edition

subˈscriptive adj

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