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sub•ser•vi•ent /səbˈsɜrviənt/USA pronunciation   adj. 
  1. too eager to give in to the wishes or power of another;
    servile:He is very subservient to his boss
  2. secondary;
    subordinate:A good leader's policies must be subservient to the needs of the people.
sub•ser•vi•ence, n. [uncountable]See -serv-1.

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sub•ser•vi•ent  (səb sûrvē ənt),USA pronunciation adj. 
  1. serving or acting in a subordinate capacity;
  2. servile;
    excessively submissive;
    obsequious:subservient persons; subservient conduct.
  3. useful in promoting a purpose or end.
sub•servi•ence, sub•servi•en•cy, n. 
sub•servi•ent•ly, adv. 
  • Latin subservient- (stem of subserviēns, present participle of subservīre to subserve), equivalent. to sub- sub- + servi-, stem of servīre to serve + -ent -ent
  • 1625–35

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subservient /səbˈsɜːvɪənt/ adj
  1. obsequious in behaviour or attitude
  2. serving as a means to an end
  3. a less common word for subordinate
Etymology: 17th Century: from Latin subserviēns complying with, from subservīre to subserve

subˈserviently adv subˈservience, subˈserviency n

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