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sup•per /ˈsʌpɚ/USA pronunciation   n. 
  1. the evening meal, often the principal meal of the day, esp. one taken in the evening: [countable]delicious meatless suppers.[uncountable]Come over for supper next Monday.
  2. an evening social event at which a supper is served to raise money for a church, charity, etc.:[countable]a church supper.
    See dinner.

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sup•per  (supər),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. the evening meal, often the principal meal of the day.
  2. any light evening meal, esp. one taken late in the evening:an after-the-theater supper.

  1. of or pertaining to supper:the supper dishes.
  2. for, during, or including supper:a supper party.
supper•less, adj. 
  • Old French souper, noun, nominal use of souper to sup1
  • Middle English sup(p)er 1225–75

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supper /ˈsʌpə/ n
  1. an evening meal, esp a light one
  2. an evening social event featuring a supper
  3. sing for one's supperto obtain something by performing a service
Etymology: 13th Century: from Old French soper; see sup1

ˈsupperless adj

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