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sym•bi•ont  (simbē ont′, -bī-),USA pronunciation n. [Biol.]
  1. Ecologyan organism living in a state of symbiosis.
Also,  sym•bi•ote  (simbē ōt′, -bī-).USA pronunciation  sym•bi•on•tic  (sim′bē ontik, -bī-),USA pronunciation adj. 
  • Greek symbiont- (stem of symbió̄n), present participle of symbioûn to live together; see symbiosis, onto-
  • 1885–90;

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symbiont /ˈsɪmbɪˌɒnt/ n
  1. an organism living in a state of symbiosis
Etymology: 19th Century: from Greek sumbioun to live together, from bioun to live

ˌsymbiˈontic adj ˌsymbiˈontically adv

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