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tag question

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WordReference Random House Learner's Dictionary of American English © 2015
tag1 /tæg/USA pronunciation n., v., tagged, tag•ging.

n. [countable]
  • a piece of paper, etc., attached to something as a marker:a price tag.
  • a small loosely attached part.
  • a tip at the end of a shoelace or cord.
  • Computinga symbol indicating the beginning or end of a unit of information in an electronic document.
  • a descriptive word or phrase applied to a person, group, etc., as a label or identifier.

  • v. 
  • [+ object] to provide with a tag; attach a tag to:tagged the garments with the wrong prices.
  • [+ object] to append as an addition or afterthought.
  • [+ object + object] to give a name to;
    label:tagged the boss "No-Neck.''
  • [+ object] to give a traffic ticket to:tagged for speeding.
  • [no object] to follow closely:The child always tagged along behind his big brother.
  • tag•ger, n. [countable]

    tag2 /tæg/USA pronunciation n., v., tagged, tag•ging.

  • Games[uncountable] a children's game in which one player chases the others in an effort to touch one of them, who then becomes the one to chase the others:to play a game of tag.
  • Sport[countable] an act or instance of tagging a runner in baseball.

  • v. [+ object]
  • to touch in or as if in the game of tag:She tagged you, so now you're "it'' (= You now get to chase the others).
  • Sportto put out (a runner) in baseball by touching the runner (or the base) with the ball held in the hand or glove.
  • tag•ger, n. [countable]

    Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

    tag /tæɡ/ n
    1. a piece or strip of paper, plastic, leather, etc, for attaching to something by one end as a mark or label: a price tag

    2. Also called: electronic tag an electronic device worn, usually on the wrist or ankle, by an offender serving a noncustodial sentence, which monitors the offender's whereabouts by means of a link to a central computer through the telephone system
    3. a small piece of material hanging from or loosely attached to a part or piece
    4. a point of metal or other hard substance at the end of a cord, lace, etc, to prevent it from fraying and to facilitate threading
    5. an epithet or verbal appendage, the refrain of a song, the moral of a fable, etc
    6. a brief quotation, esp one in a foreign language
    7. an ornamental flourish as at the end of a signature
    8. the contrastingly coloured tip to an animal's tail
    9. a matted lock of wool or hair
    10. slang a graffito consisting of a nickname or personal symbol
    vb (tags, tagging, tagged)(mainly tr)
    1. to mark with a tag
    2. to monitor the whereabouts of (an offender) by means of an electronic tag
    3. to add or append as a tag
    4. to supply (prose or blank verse) with rhymes
    5. (intr; usually followed by on or along) to trail (behind)
    6. to name or call (someone something)
    7. to cut the tags of wool or hair from (an animal)
    Etymology: 15th Century: of uncertain origin; related to Swedish tagg point, perhaps also to tack1
    tag /tæɡ/ n
    1. Also called: tig a children's game in which one player chases the others in an attempt to catch one of them who will then become the chaser
    2. the act of tagging one's partner in tag wrestling
    3. (modifier) denoting or relating to a wrestling contest between two teams of two wrestlers, in which only one from each team may be in the ring at one time. The contestant outside the ring may change places with his team-mate inside the ring after touching his hand
    vb (tags, tagging, tagged)(transitive)
    1. to catch (another child) in the game of tag
    2. (in tag wrestling) to touch the hand of (one's partner)
    Etymology: 18th Century: perhaps from tag1

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