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tal•a•poin  (talə poin′), 
  1. Mammalsa small, yellowish guenon monkey, Micropithecus (Cercopithecus) talapoin, of western Africa.
  • Mon tɔelaʔ p n (written tīla puin) Buddha, literally, the Lord of Merit (Old Mon tirlaa’ lord + Pali puñña merit)
  • French, special use (origin, originally jocular) of talapoin Buddhist monk
  • 1580–90

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talapoin /ˈtæləˌpɔɪn/ n
  1. the smallest of the guenon monkeys, Cercopithecus talapoin, of swampy central W African forests, having olive-green fur and slightly webbed digits
  2. (in Myanmar and Thailand) a Buddhist monk
Etymology: 16th Century: from French, literally: Buddhist monk, from Portuguese talapão, from Mon tala pōi our lord; originally jocular, from the appearance of the monkey

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