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tan•ta•lize /ˈtæntəlˌaɪz/USA pronunciation v. [+ object],-lized, -liz•ing.

    to torment (someone) with, or as if with, the sight of something desirable but out of reach;
    to tease (someone) by raising hopes that cannot be met:tantalized her with dreams of a promotion.

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tantalize, tantalise /ˈtæntəˌlaɪz/ vb
  1. (transitive) to tease or make frustrated, as by tormenting with the sight of something greatly desired but inaccessible
Etymology: 16th Century: from the punishment of Tantalus

ˌtantaliˈzation, ˌtantaliˈsation n ˈtantaˌlizing, ˈtantaˌlising adj ˈtantaˌlizingly, ˈtantaˌlisingly adv

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