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ten•an•cy /ˈtɛnənsi/USA pronunciation   n., pl.  -cies. 
  1. [uncountable] a holding by a tenant;
  2. [countable] the length of time of a tenancy.
See -ten-.
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ten•an•cy  (tenən sē),USA pronunciation n., pl.  -cies. 
  1. a holding, as of lands, by any kind of title;
    occupancy of land, a house, or the like, under a lease or on payment of rent;
  2. the period of a tenant's occupancy.
  3. occupancy or enjoyment of a position, post, situation, etc.:her tenancy as professor of history at the state university.
  4. [Archaic.]a piece of land held by a tenant;
  • 1570–80; ten(ant) + -ancy; compare Medieval Latin tenantia, variant of tenentia

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tenancy /ˈtɛnənsɪ/ n ( pl -cies)
  1. the temporary possession or holding by a tenant of lands or property owned by another
  2. the period of holding or occupying such property
  3. the period of holding office, a position, etc

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