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test1 /tɛst/USA pronunciation n. [countable]
  1. a set of problems, questions, etc., for evaluating a person's abilities, skills, or performance:a driver's test.
  2. the means by which the quality of anything is determined:a test of a new product.
  3. a trial of the quality of something:to put the new car to the test.

  • to (cause someone to) undergo a test of any kind: [+ object]The school has to test you on your writing ability.[no object]The hospital wants to test for diabetes.
  • [no object] to perform on a test:People test better in a relaxed environment.
  • See -test-.
    -test-, root. 

      -test- comes from Latin, where it has the meaning "witness.'' This meaning is found in such words as: attest, contest, detest, incontestable, intestate, pretest, protest, Protestant, protestation, test, testament, testate, testify, testimonial, testimony.

    WordReference Random House Learner's Dictionary of American English © 2015
    Pap (or pap )test /ˈpæp ˌtɛst/USA pronunciationn. [countable]
    Medicinea test for cancer of the cervix.

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    test /tɛst/ vb
    1. to ascertain (the worth, capability, or endurance) of (a person or thing) by subjection to certain examinations; try
    2. (often followed by for) to carry out an examination on (a substance, material, or system) by applying some chemical or physical procedure designed to indicate the presence of a substance or the possession of a property: to test food for arsenic, to test for magnetization
    3. (intransitive) to achieve a specified result in a test: a quarter of the patients at the clinic tested positive for the AIDS virus
    4. (transitive) to put under severe strain: the long delay tested my patience
    1. a method, practice, or examination designed to test a person or thing
    2. a series of questions or problems designed to test a specific skill or knowledge
    3. a standard of judgment; criterion
    4. a chemical reaction or physical procedure for testing a substance, material, etc
    5. a chemical reagent used in such a procedure
    6. the result of the procedure or the evidence gained from it
    7. See test match
    8. archaic a declaration or confirmation of truth, loyalty, etc; oath
    9. (modifier) performed as a test: test drive, test flight
    Etymology: 14th Century (in the sense: vessel used in treating metals): from Latin testum earthen vessel

    ˈtestable adj ˌtestaˈbility n ˈtesting adj
    test /tɛst/ n
    1. the hard or tough outer covering of certain invertebrates and tunicates
    Etymology: 19th Century: from Latin testa shell

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