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WordReference Random House Learner's Dictionary of American English © 2015
than /ðæn, ðɛn; unstressed ðən, ən/USA pronunciation conj. 
  1. (used after comparative adjectives and adverbs and certain other words, such as other, more, etc., to introduce the second part of a comparison):an increase of more than fifty dollars a week; She's taller than I am. The rabbit runs faster than the turtle.
  2. (used after some adverbs and adjectives that express choices or differences, such as other, otherwise, else, anywhere, different, etc., in order to introduce a choice (including a rejected choice) or to name or show a difference in kind, place, style, identity, etc.):We had no choice other than to return home. I'd rather walk there than drive.

Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

than /ðæn; (unstressed) ðən/ conj , prep (coordinating)
  1. used to introduce the second element of a comparison, the first element of which expresses difference: shorter than you, couldn't do otherwise than love him, he swims faster than I run
  2. used after adverbs such as rather or sooner to introduce a rejected alternative in an expression of preference: rather than be imprisoned, I shall die
Etymology: Old English thanne; related to Old Saxon, Old High German thanna; see then
In formal English, than is usually regarded as a conjunction governing an unexpressed verb: he does it far better than I (do). The case of any pronoun therefore depends on whether it is the subject or object of the unexpressed verb: she likes him more than I (like him); she likes him more than (she likes) me. However in ordinary speech and writing than is usually treated as a preposition and is followed by the object form of a pronoun: my brother is younger than me

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