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thaw /θɔ/USA pronunciation v. 
  1. [no object] to change from a frozen to a liquid state;
    melt: [no object]The meat thawed.[+ object]Use the microwave to thaw the meat.
  2. [no object; (~ + out)] to get relief from the cold:Sit by the fire and thaw out.
  3. Meteorology[no object] (of the weather) to become warm enough to melt ice and snow.
  4. to (cause to) become less hostile or aloof;
    to (cause to) become more friendly: [no object]Relations between the two countries thawed.[+ object]The glasses of vodka thawed the hostility between the two sides.

n. [countable]
  • the act or process of thawing.
  • a reduction or easing in tension or hostility.
  • Meteorology(in winter) weather warm enough to melt ice and snow.

  • Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

    thaw /θɔː/ vb
    1. to melt or cause to melt from a solid frozen state: the snow thawed
    2. to become or cause to become unfrozen; defrost
    3. (intransitive) to be the case that the ice or snow is melting: it's thawing fast
    4. (intransitive) to become more sociable, relaxed, or friendly
    1. the act or process of thawing
    2. a spell of relatively warm weather, causing snow or ice to melt
    3. an increase in relaxation or friendliness
    Etymology: Old English thawian; related to Old High German douwen to thaw, Old Norse theyja to thaw, Latin tabēre to waste away

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