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thing1 /θɪŋ/USA pronunciation n. [countable]
  1. an object, usually not a person or animal:A noun is the name of a person, place, or thing.
  2. an object not specifically named or designated:Hand me that thing. What is that thing, anyway?
  3. anything that is an object of thought or discussion:another thing I want to talk to you about.
  4. things, matters; affairs;
    circumstances in general:How are things?
  5. a particular fact or circumstance:His death was a terrible thing.
  6. Informal. a satisfying activity:a fun thing to do; Bicycling is his thing.
  7. an achievement, deed, or accomplishment:I expect great things from our production team.
  8. a detail, esp. particular detail:Do we have to go over every little thing?
  9. aim; objective:The thing is to enjoy yourself.
  10. an article of clothing:didn't have a thing to wear.
  11. things: 
    • utensils for a purpose:the breakfast things.
    • possessions that one owns:Pack your things and leave at once!
  12. a task; chore:I've got things to do.
  13. a living being;
    creature:That baby is a cute little thing, isn't he?
  14. a thought; observation:I had a thing or two to say about that.
  15. Informal TermsInformal. a special or strong attitude about something, either positive or negative:She has a thing about cats (= She likes/dislikes them). He has a thing for Irish music (= He likes it).
  16. the thing, something that is correct or fashionable:Wearing baseball caps backward is the thing.
  1. do one's thing, [Informal.]to follow a way of life that allows one to express oneself:Let the kids do their own thing and establish their independence.
  2. for one thing, (used to introduce something to support what has been said):The economy is in a shambles. For one thing, unemployment is sky-high.
  3. Idiomssee or hear things, to hallucinate:After taking the drug he began to see things, and he couldn't shut them out of his mind.

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thing /θɪŋ/ n
  1. an object, fact, affair, circumstance, or concept considered as being a separate entity
  2. any inanimate object
  3. an object or entity that cannot or need not be precisely named
  4. informal a person or animal regarded as the object of pity, contempt, etc: you poor thing
  5. an event or act
  6. a thought or statement
  7. any object or right that may be the subject of property (as distinguished from a person)
  8. a device, means, or instrument
  9. (often plural) a possession, article of clothing, etc
  10. informal a mental attitude, preoccupation or obsession (esp in the phrase have a thing about)
  11. an activity or mode of behaviour satisfying to one's personality (esp in the phrase do one's (own) thing)
  12. the thingthe latest fashion
  13. make a thing ofto make a fuss about; exaggerate the importance of
Etymology: Old English thing assembly; related to Old Norse thing assembly, Old High German ding assembly

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