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thing•a•ma•bob  (thingə mə bob′),USA pronunciation n. [Informal.]
  1. Informal Termsthingamajig.
Also,  thingu•ma•bob′, thing•um•bob  (thingəm bob′)USA pronunciation 
  • see thingamajig, bob2 1835–45

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thingumabob, thingamabob /ˈθɪŋəməˌbɒb/ n
  1. informal a person or thing the name of which is unknown, temporarily forgotten, or deliberately overlooked
    Also: thingumajig, thingamajig /ˈθɪŋəməˌdʒɪɡ/, thingummy /ˈθɪŋəmɪ/
Etymology: 18th Century: from thing1, with humorous suffix

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