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thing•a•ma•jig /ˈθɪŋəməˌdʒɪg/USA pronunciation  n. [countable][Informal.]
  • something whose name the speaker does not know or has forgotten:Hand me the thingamajig from the bookshelf, please.

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    thing•a•ma•jig  (thingə mə jig′),USA pronunciation n. [Informal.]
    1. Informal Termsa gadget or other thing for which the speaker does not know or has forgotten the name.
    Also,  thingu•ma•jig′. 
    • 1870–75; thingum or thingummy + jig1, metrically patterned like gobbledygook, rigamarole; thingum perh. origin, originally from the gradational compound thingum-thangum (based on thing1) with the same terminal syllable as in crinkum-crankum, harum-scarum, trinkum-trankum, the ultimately origin, originally of which is unclear

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