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though /ðoʊ/USA pronunciation conj. 
  1. in spite of the fact that;
    notwithstanding that:Though we tried hard, we lost the game.
  2. even if; granting that:(Even) Though I walk in the valley shadowed by death, I will not be afraid.

  • for all that;
    however:Though fast, he wasn't fast enough.
  • idiom
    1. Idiomsas though, as if:It seemed as though the place was deserted.

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    though /ðəʊ/ conj (subordinating)
    1. (sometimes preceded by even) despite the fact that: though he tries hard, he always fails, poor though she is, her life is happy
    1. nevertheless; however: he can't dance: he sings well, though
    Etymology: Old English theah; related to Old Frisian thāch, Old Saxon, Old High German thōh, Old Norse thō

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