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through the medium of

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WordReference Random House Learner's Dictionary of American English © 2016
through /θru/USA pronunciation   prep. 
  1. in at one end, side, or surface and out at the other:to pass through a tunnel.
  2. past; beyond:drove through a red light.
  3. from one to the other of:monkeys swinging through the trees.
  4. across the extent of:traveled through Europe.
  5. during the whole period of; throughout:We worked through the night.
  6. done with:What time are you through work?
  7. to and including:He lived there from 1935 through 1950.
  8. by means of:I found out through him.
  9. from the first to the final stage of:Somehow he managed to get through the entire performance.

  1. in at one end, side, or surface and out at the other:to push a needle through.
  2. all the way:This train goes through to Boston.
  3. throughout, completely:She was soaked through.
  4. from beginning to end:read the letter all the way through.
  5. to completion:to see it through.

  1. Pronouns at a point or in a state of completion of an action, etc.; finished[be + ~]Please be quiet until I'm through.
  2. at the end of all relations or dealings[be + ~ (+ with)]She had to tell her boyfriend they were through.
  3. extending or going from one end, etc., to the other:a through road.
  4. proceeding to a destination, etc., without a change, break, or deviation[before a noun]a through flight.
  5. of no further use or value; washed-up;
    finished[be + ~]Critics say he's through as a writer.
    through and through: 
      • throughout every part;
        thoroughly:I was cold through and through.
      • in all respects:She is an aristocrat through and through.

WordReference Random House Unabridged Dictionary of American English © 2016
through  (thro̅o̅), 
  1. in at one end, side, or surface and out at the other:to pass through a tunnel; We drove through Denver without stopping. Sun came through the window.
  2. past;
    beyond:to go through a stop sign without stopping.
  3. from one to the other of; between or among the individual members or parts of:to swing through the trees;
    This book has passed through many hands.
  4. over the surface of, by way of, or within the limits or medium of:to travel through a country; to fly through the air.
  5. during the whole period of;
    throughout:They worked through the night.
  6. having reached the end of; done with:to be through one's work.
  7. to and including:from 1900 through 1950.
  8. by the means or instrumentality of; by the way or agency of:It was through him they found out.
  9. by reason of or in consequence of:to run away through fear.
  10. in at the first step of a process, treatment, or method of handling, passing through subsequent steps or stages in order, and finished, accepted, or out of the last step or stage:The body of a car passes through 147 stages on the production line. The new tax bill finally got through Congress.

  1. in at one end, side, or surface and out at the other:to push a needle through; just passing through.
  2. all the way;
    along the whole distance:This train goes through to Boston.
  3. throughout:soaking wet through.
  4. from the beginning to the end:to read a letter through.
  5. to the end:to carry a matter through.
  6. to a favorable or successful conclusion:He barely managed to pull through.
  7. through and through: 
      • through the whole extent of; thoroughly:cold through and through.
      • from beginning to end;
        in all respects:an aristocrat through and through.

  1. Pronounshaving completed an action, process, etc.; finished:Please be still until I'm through. When will you be through with school?
  2. at the end of all relations or dealings:My sister insists she's through with selfish friends.
  3. passing or extending from one end, side, or surface to the other.
  4. traveling or moving to a destination without changing of trains, planes, etc.:a through flight.
  5. (of a road, route, way, course, etc., or of a ticket, routing order, etc.) admitting continuous or direct passage; having no interruption, obstruction, or hindrance:a through highway;
    through ticket.
  6. Civil Engineering(of a bridge truss) having a deck or decks within the depth of the structure. Cf.deck (def. 21).
  7. of no further use or value;
    washed-up:Critics say he's through as a writer.
Etymology:bef. 900;
Middle English (preposition and adverb, adverbial), metathetic variant of thourgh, Old English thurh, cognate with German durch;
akin to Old English therh, Gothic thairh through, Old High German derh perforated, Old English thyrel full of holes (adjective, adjectival), hole (noun, nominal). See thirl
8 . See by. 
WordReference Random House Learner's Dictionary of American English © 2016
squeak /skwik/USA pronunciation   n. [countable]
  1. Animal Behaviora sharp, shrill cry or sound:Her voice rose to a squeak as she protested.
  2. an escape from danger, defeat, etc.:a close squeak with death.

  1. Animal Behaviorto make or express (a squeak): [no object]The door squeaks every time you open it.[used with quotations]"I'm afraid,'' he squeaked, ''What do we do next?''
  2. squeak by or through, [no object] to succeed, survive, etc., by a very narrow margin:We managed to squeak by even though our budget had been cut.

WordReference Random House Unabridged Dictionary of American English © 2016
squeak (skwēk), 
  1. Animal Behaviora short, sharp, shrill cry;
    a sharp, high-pitched sound.
  2. Informal Terms[Informal.]opportunity;
    chance:their last squeak to correct the manuscript.
  3. an escape from defeat, danger, death, or destruction (usually qualified by narrow or close).

  1. Animal Behaviorto utter or emit a squeak or squeaky sound.
  2. Slang Terms[Slang.]to confess or turn informer; squeal.

  1. to utter or sound with a squeak or squeaks.
  2. squeak by or through, to succeed, survive, pass, win, etc., by a very narrow margin:They can barely squeak by on their income. The team managed to squeak through.
  • Scandinavian; compare Swedish skväka to croak
  • Middle English squeken, perh. 1350–1400
squeaking•ly, adv. 

Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

through /θruː/ prep
  1. going in or starting at one side and coming out or stopping at the other side of: a path through the wood
  2. occupying or visiting several points scattered around in (an area)
  3. as a result of; by means of
  4. chiefly US up to and including: Monday through Friday
  5. during: through the night
  6. at the end of; having (esp successfully) completed
  7. through withhaving finished with (esp when dissatisfied with)
  1. (postpositive) having successfully completed some specified activity
  2. (on a telephone line) connected
  3. (postpositive) no longer able to function successfully in some specified capacity: as a journalist, you're through
  4. (prenominal) (of a route, journey, etc) continuous or unbroken: a through train
  1. through some specified thing, place, or period of time
  2. thoroughly; completely
Etymology: Old English thurh; related to Old Frisian thruch, Old Saxon thuru, Old High German duruh

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