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tote1 /toʊt/USA pronunciation   v.,  tot•ed, tot•ing, n. 
v. [+ object]
  1. to carry, as in one's arms:toting bags of groceries.
  2. to carry on one's person:to tote a gun.

n. [countable]
  1. an open shopping bag, used for carrying small items.
tot•a•ble, tote•a•ble, adj. 
tot•er, n. [countable]

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tote1 (tōt),USA pronunciation  v.,  tot•ed, tot•ing, n. 

  1. to carry, as on one's back or in one's arms:to tote a bundle.
  2. to carry on one's person:to tote a gun.
  3. to transport or convey, as on a vehicle or boat.

  1. the act or course of toting.
  2. something that is toted.
  3. See tote bag.
tot a•ble, totea•ble, adj. 
tot er, n. 
  • origin, originally uncertain 1670–80,[American.]

tote2 (tōt),USA pronunciation v.t.,  tot•ed, tot•ing. 
  1. [Informal.]to add up;
  • probably verb, verbal use of tote, shortening of total 1885–90

tote3 (tōt),USA pronunciation n. [Informal.]
  1. a totalizator.
  • by shortening 1890–95

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tote /təʊt/ informal vb
  1. (transitive) to carry, convey, or drag
  1. the act of or an instance of toting
  2. something toted
Etymology: 17th Century: of obscure origin

ˈtoter n

Tote /təʊt/ n
  1. the Tote ⇒ (sometimes not capital) trademark
    short for totalizator,

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