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tox•oph•i•lite  (tok sofə līt′),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. a devotee of archery; archer.
tox•oph•i•lit•ic (tok sof′ə litik)USA pronunciation , adj.  tox•oph i•ly, n. 
  • Greek tóxo(n) bow + -philos -phile) + -ite1
  • Toxophil(us) bow-lover (coined by Roger Ascham in his 1545 book so entitled 1785–95

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toxophilite /tɒkˈsɒfɪˌlaɪt/ formal n
  1. an archer
  1. of or relating to archery
Etymology: 18th Century: from Toxophilus, the title of a book (1545) by Ascham, designed to mean: a lover of the bow, from Greek toxon bow + philos loving

toxˈophily n


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