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tran•scen•den•tal /ˌtrænsɛnˈdɛntəl, -sən-/USA pronunciation  adj. 

    being beyond ordinary experience, thought, or belief.
tran•scen•den•tal•ly, adv. 

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transcendental /ˌtrænsɛnˈdɛntəl/ adj
  1. transcendent, superior, or surpassing
  2. (in the philosophy of Kant) (of a judgment or logical deduction) being both synthetic and a priori
  3. of or relating to knowledge of the presuppositions of thought
  4. beyond our experience of phenomena, although not beyond potential knowledge
  5. surpassing the natural plane of reality or knowledge; supernatural or mystical

ˌtranscenˈdentally adv

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