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trip1 /trɪp/USA pronunciation n., v., tripped, trip•ping.
n. [countable] a traveling from one place to another:my weekly trip to the bank. a run made by a boat, train, or the like between two points:The trip takes just two hours by ferry. a misstep, as by catching one's foot. [Slang.]
  • an instance of being under the influence of a hallucinogenic drug, esp. LSD.
  • an exciting experience.
  • something that keeps one occupied:She's been on a nostalgia trip all week.

v.  to (cause to) stumble: [no object]to trip on one of the toys.[+ object]stuck out his foot and tripped her. to (cause to) make a slip or mistake, as in conversation or conduct: [+ up  + object]The lawyer tried his best to trip up the witness.[+ object + up]to trip him up.[no object; ~ + up]During his speech he tripped up when he confused the Balkan states and the Baltic states. [no object] to step lightly or nimbly;
skip:tripping gaily down the path.
Slang Terms[no object; (~ + out)][Slang.]to be under the influence of a hallucinogenic drug, esp. LSD:She claimed she was tripping (out) on acid and saw monsters crawling on her arm. trip•per, n. [countable]
See travel.

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trip /trɪp/ n
  1. an outward and return journey, often for a specific purpose
  2. any tour, journey, or voyage
  3. a false step; stumble
  4. any slip or blunder
  5. a light step or tread
  6. a manoeuvre or device to cause someone to trip

  7. Also called: tripper any catch on a mechanism that acts as a switch
  8. informal a hallucinogenic drug experience
  9. informal any stimulating, profound, etc, experience
vb (trips, tripping, tripped)
  1. often followed by up, or when intr, by on or over: to stumble or cause to stumble
  2. to make or cause to make a mistake or blunder
  3. (transitive) often followed by up: to trap or catch in a mistake
  4. (intransitive) to go on a short tour or journey
  5. (intransitive) to move or tread lightly
  6. (intransitive) informal to experience the effects of LSD or any other hallucinogenic drug
  7. (transitive) to activate (a mechanical trip)
Etymology: 14th Century: from Old French triper to tread, of Germanic origin; related to Low German trippen to stamp, Middle Dutch trippen to walk trippingly, trepelen to trample

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