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triph•thong  (trifthông, -thong, trip-),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. Phoneticsa monosyllabic speech-sound sequence perceived as being made up of three differing vowel qualities, as the pronunciation of our, esp. in r-dropping dialects.
  2. Linguistics(not in technical use) a trigraph.
triph•thong•al  (trif thônggəl, -thong-, trip-),USA pronunciation adj. 
  • Medieval Greek tríphthongos with three vowels, equivalent. to tri- tri- + phthóngos voice, sound
  • Neo-Latin triphthongus
  • 1590–1600;

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triphthong /ˈtrɪfθɒŋ ˈtrɪp-/ n
  1. a composite vowel sound during the articulation of which the vocal organs move from one position through a second, ending in a third
  2. a trigraph representing a composite vowel sound such as this
Etymology: 16th Century: via New Latin from Medieval Greek triphthongos, from tri- + phthongos sound; compare diphthong

triphˈthongal adj

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