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tyr•an•nize /ˈtɪrəˌnaɪz/USA pronunciation   v., -nized, -niz•ing. 
  1. Governmentto rule tyrannically: [+ object]to tyrannize his countrymen.[no object]to tyrannize over the country.

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tyr•an•nize  (tirə nīz′), 
v., -nized, -niz•ing. 

  • to exercise absolute power or control, esp. cruelly or oppressively (often fol. by over).
  • to govern despotically, cruelly, or oppressively.
  • to govern or reign as a tyrant.

  • v.t. 
  • to rule or govern tyrannically;
    treat oppressively.
  • Also,[esp. Brit.,]tyran•nise′. 
    • Late Latin tyrannizāre, equivalent. to tyrann(us) tyrant + -izāre -ize
    • French tyranniser
    • 1485–95
    tyran•niz′er, n. 
    tyran•niz′ing•ly, adv. 

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    tyrannize, tyrannise /ˈtɪrəˌnaɪz/ vb
    1. when intr, often followed by over: to rule or exercise power (over) in a cruel or oppressive manner

    ˈtyranˌnizer, ˈtyranˌniser n

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