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un•der /ˈʌndɚ/USA pronunciation prep.  beneath and covered by:She stood under a tree. below the surface of:They swam under water. at a point lower than:He got a bump just under his eye. in the position of trying to carry, support, endure, sustain, etc.:to sink under a heavy load. beneath the cover or disguise of:registered under a false name. beneath the heading of:Classify the books under "Fiction.'' below in degree, amount, etc.; less than:These books were purchased under cost. below in rank:A corporal is under a lieutenant. working for; controlled by the authority, influence, or guidance of:studied violin under a great master. in accordance with;
following:under the provisions of the law.
during the administration or reign of:Those laws were passed under President Lincoln. in the state or process of:under construction; a bridge under repair.
adv.  below or beneath something:Go over the fence, not under. beneath the surface of water:was held under by the seaweed. in a lower degree, amount, etc.:selling shirts for $25 and under. in a lower position or condition. go under, [no object]
  • to give in; succumb;
  • to fail in business:His dry cleaning business went under.

adj.  located beneath or on the underside:the under threads of embroidery. lower in position. lower in degree, amount, rank, etc.:Children seven or under get in free. being in a state of unconsciousness:The patient was under during the surgery (= The patient was unconscious because of the effect of the anesthetic).
under-, prefix. 
  • under- is attached to nouns and means: "a place or situation below or beneath:''underbrush; undertow.
  • under- is also used to mean "lower in grade, rank, or dignity:''undersheriff; understudy.
  • under- is also attached to adjectives to mean "of lesser degree, extent, or amount:''undersized.
  • under- is also used to mean "not showing enough; too little:''underfed.

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under /ˈʌndə/ prep
  1. directly below; on, to, or beneath the underside or base of: under one's feet
  2. less than: under forty years
  3. lower in rank than: under a corporal
  4. subject to the supervision, jurisdiction, control, or influence of
  5. subject to (conditions); in (certain circumstances)
  6. within a classification of: a book under theology
  7. known by: under an assumed name
  8. planted with: a field under corn
  9. powered by: under sail
  10. during the period that the sun is in (a sign of the zodiac): born under Aries
  1. below; to a position underneath something
Etymology: Old English; related to Old Saxon, Gothic undar, Old High German untar, Old Norse undir, Latin infra

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