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velvet ant

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velvet /ˈvɛlvɪt/ n
  1. a fabric of silk, cotton, nylon, etc, with a thick close soft usually lustrous pile
  2. (as modifier): velvet curtains
  3. anything with a smooth soft surface
  4. smoothness; softness
  5. (as modifier): velvet skin, a velvet night
  6. the furry covering of the newly formed antlers of a deer
  7. slang chiefly US gambling or speculative winnings
  8. a gain, esp when unexpectedly high
  9. velvet glovegentleness or caution, often concealing strength or determination (esp in the phrase an iron fist or hand in a velvet glove)
Etymology: 14th Century: veluet, from Old French veluotte, from velu hairy, from Vulgar Latin villutus (unattested), from Latin villus shaggy hair

ˈvelvet-ˌlike adj ˈvelvety adj

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