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verst  (vûrst, verst),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. a Russian measure of distance equivalent to 3500 feet or 0.6629 mile or 1.067 kilometers.
Also,  verste, werste. 
  • Slavic *vĭrsta literally, turn, bend, akin to *vert- turn (verb, verbal base), Latin vertere to turn (see convert, verse)
  • Russian verstá; Old Russian vĭrsta age, agemate, pair, measure of length, cognate with Czech vrstva, Polish warstwa layer, Serbo-Croatian vŕsta sort, kind, Old Church Slavonic vrĭsta age, time of life
  • French verste or German Werst
  • 1545–55

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verst /vɛəst; vɜːst/ n
  1. a unit of length, used in Russia, equal to 1.067 kilometres (0.6629 miles)
Etymology: 16th Century: from French verste or German Werst, from Russian versta line

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