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voice activated

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voice /vɔɪs/ n
  1. the sound made by the vibration of the vocal cords, esp when modified by the resonant effect of the tongue and mouth
  2. the natural and distinctive tone of the speech sounds characteristic of a particular person
  3. the condition, quality, effectiveness, or tone of such sounds: a hysterical voice
  4. the musical sound of a singing voice, with respect to its quality or tone: she has a lovely voice
  5. the ability to speak, sing, etc: he has lost his voice
  6. a sound resembling or suggestive of vocal utterance: the voice of the sea, the voice of hard experience
  7. written or spoken expression, as of feeling, opinion, etc (esp in the phrase give voice to)
  8. a stated choice, wish, or opinion or the power or right to have an opinion heard and considered: to give someone a voice in a decision
  9. an agency through which is communicated another's purpose, policy, etc: such groups are the voice of our enemies
  10. musical notes produced by vibrations of the vocal cords at various frequencies and in certain registers: a tenor voice
  11. (in harmony) an independent melodic line or part: a fugue in five voices
  12. the sound characterizing the articulation of several speech sounds, including all vowels or sonants, that is produced when the vocal cords make loose contact with each other and are set in vibration by the breath as it forces its way through the glottis
  13. a category of the verb or verbal inflections that expresses whether the relation between the subject and the verb is that of agent and action, action and recipient, or some other relation
  14. in voicein a condition to sing or speak well
  15. with one voiceunanimously
vb (transitive)
  1. to utter in words; give expression to: to voice a complaint
  2. to articulate (a speech sound) with voice
  3. to adjust (a wind instrument or organ pipe) so that it conforms to the correct standards of tone colour, pitch, etc
Etymology: 13th Century: from Old French voiz, from Latin vōx

ˈvoicer n

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