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war•lock /ˈwɑrˌlɑk/USA pronunciation n. [countable]

    Anthropologya male witch.

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warlock /ˈwɔːˌlɒk/ n
  1. a man who practises black magic; sorcerer
  2. a fortune-teller, conjuror, or magician
Etymology: Old English wǣrloga oath breaker, from wǣr oath + -loga liar, from lēogan to lie1

Warlock /ˈwɔːˌlɒk/ n
  1. Peter, real name Philip Arnold Heseltine. 1894–1930, British composer and scholar of early English music. His works include song cycles, such as The Curlew (1920–22), and the Capriol Suite (1926) for strings

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