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water drop

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water /ˈwɔːtə/ n
  1. a clear colourless tasteless odourless liquid that is essential for plant and animal life and constitutes, in impure form, rain, oceans, rivers, lakes, etc. It is a neutral substance, an effective solvent for many compounds, and is used as a standard for many physical properties. Formula: H2O
    Related adjective(s): aqueous
  2. any body or area of this liquid, such as a sea, lake, river, etc
  3. (as modifier): water sports, water transport, a water plant
    Related adjective(s): aquatic
  4. the surface of such a body or area: fish swam below the water
  5. any form or variety of this liquid, such as rain
  6. See high water, low water
  7. any of various solutions of chemical substances in water: lithia water, ammonia water
  8. any fluid secreted from the body, such as sweat, urine, or tears
  9. (usually plural) the amniotic fluid surrounding a fetus in the womb
  10. a wavy lustrous finish on some fabrics, esp silk
  11. archaic the degree of brilliance in a diamond
    See also first water
  12. excellence, quality, or degree (in the phrase of the first water)
  13. capital stock issued without a corresponding increase in paid-up capital, so that the book value of the company's capital is not fully represented by assets or earning power
  14. (modifier) of or relating to the three signs of the zodiac Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces
  15. hold waterto prove credible, logical, or consistent: the alibi did not hold water
  16. make waterto urinate
  17. (of a boat, hull, etc) to let in water
  18. pass waterto urinate
  19. water under the bridgeevents that are past and done with
  1. (transitive) to sprinkle, moisten, or soak with water
  2. (transitive) often followed by down: to weaken by the addition of water
  3. (intransitive) (of the eyes) to fill with tears
  4. (intransitive) (of the mouth) to salivate, esp in anticipation of food (esp in the phrase make one's mouth water)
  5. (transitive) to irrigate or provide with water: to water the land, he watered the cattle
  6. (intransitive) to drink water
  7. (intransitive) (of a ship, etc) to take in a supply of water
  8. (transitive) to raise the par value of (issued capital stock) without a corresponding increase in the real value of assets
  9. (transitive) to produce a wavy lustrous finish on (fabrics, esp silk)

See also water downEtymology: Old English wæter, of Germanic origin; compare Old Saxon watar, Old High German wazzar, Gothic watō, Old Slavonic voda; related to Greek hudor

ˈwaterer n ˈwaterless adj

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