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wince1 /wɪns/USA pronunciation  v.,  winced, winc•ing,n. 

v. [no object]
    to draw back or move away, as from a blow;
    flinch:I winced as the nurse injected the serum in my arm.

n. [countable]
    a wincing movement.

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wince /wɪns/ vb
  1. (intransitive) to start slightly, as with sudden pain; flinch
  1. the act of wincing
Etymology: 18th Century (earlier (C13) meaning: to kick): via Old French wencier, guenchir to avoid, from Germanic; compare Old Saxon wenkian, Old High German wenken

ˈwincer n
wince /wɪns/ n
  1. a roller for transferring pieces of cloth between dyeing vats
Etymology: 17th Century: variant of winch

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