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win•dle•straw  (windl strô′, winl-), 
n. [Brit. Dial.]
  1. British Termsa withered stalk of any of various grasses.
  2. British Termsany of various long-stalked species of grass.
  3. British Termsany tall, thin person.
  4. British Termsany light or flimsy material or object.
Also,[esp. Scot.,]winlestrae. 
  • Old English windelstrēaw (not attested in Middle English). See windle, straw bef. 1000

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windlestraw /ˈwɪndəlˌstrɔː/ n Irish Scot English dialect
  1. the dried stalk of any of various grasses
Etymology: Old English windelstrēaw, from windel basket, from windan to wind² + strēaw straw1

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