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won•ky  (wongkē),USA pronunciation adj.,  -ki•er, -ki•est. 
  1. British Terms
    • shaky, groggy, or unsteady.
    • unreliable;
      not trustworthy.
  2. Slang Termsstupid;
  • 1920–25; perh. variant of dialect, dialectal wanky, equivalent. to wank(le) (Middle English wankel, Old English wancol; see wench) + -y1; def. 1 probably represents a different word (see wonk)

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wonky /ˈwɒŋkɪ/ adj ( -kier, -kiest) Brit informal
  1. shaky or unsteady
  2. not in correct alignment; askew
  3. liable to break down or develop a fault
Etymology: 20th Century: variant of dialect wanky, from Old English wancol


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