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you all

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WordReference Random House Learner's Dictionary of American English © 2015
you /yu; unstressed yʊ, yə/USA pronunciation pron., poss. youroryours,obj. you,pl. you;
n., pl. yous.

  • the pronoun of the second person singular or plural (used as the singular or plural pronoun of the person or persons being spoken to, as the subject of a verb, or the object of a verb or preposition):You are the highest bidder. I sent it to you.
  • one; anyone;
    people in general:a tiny animal you can't even see.
  • (repeated for emphasis after the subject):You rascal, you!
  • (used in place of the pronoun your before a gerund or present participle):There's no sense in you getting upset.

  • n. 
  • [uncountable] something or someone closely identified with or resembling the person addressed:That bright red shirt just isn't you (= It doesn't fit with your personality).
  • [countable] the nature or character of the person addressed:After our exercise program, your friends will see a new you!

  • Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

    you /juː; (unstressed) / pron (subjective or objective)
    1. refers to the person addressed or to more than one person including the person or persons addressed but not including the speaker: you know better, the culprit is among you
    2. Also: one refers to an unspecified person or people in general: you can't tell the boys from the girls
    1. informal the personality of the person being addressed or something that expresses it: that hat isn't really you
    2. you know what, you know whoa thing or person that the speaker cannot or does not want to specify
    Etymology: Old English ēow, dative and accusative of ye1; related to Old Saxon eu, Old High German iu, Gothic izwis

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