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zo•oid  (zōoid), 

  • Developmental Biologyany organic body or cell capable of spontaneous movement and of an existence more or less apart from or independent of the parent organism.
  • Developmental Biologyany animal organism or individual capable of separate existence, and produced by fission, gemmation, or some method other than direct sexual reproduction.
  • Developmental Biologyany one of the recognizably distinct individuals or elements of a compound or colonial animallike organism, whether or not detached or detachable.

  • adj. 
  • Developmental BiologyAlso,zo•oidal. pertaining to, resembling, or of the nature of an animal.
  • Etymology:
    • zo- + -oid 1850–55

    Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

    zooid /ˈzəʊɔɪd/ n
    1. any independent animal body, such as an individual of a coelenterate colony
    2. a motile cell or body, such as a gamete, produced by an organism

    zoˈoidal adj

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