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WordReference has done well through the years relying on advertisements to support the development of the website. These ads have allowed WordReference to grow immensely and offer our service to the whole world for free and the site is now used by many millions of people worldwide. Ads, though, can be a distraction and slow the site. The experience could be much better if there were no advertisements.

We now are offering the WordReference dictionaries ad-free to those who pay a small fee. We think it is a great deal for frequent users of WordReference. You get all that WordReference has to offer – translations, definitions, synonyms, collocations, forums, etc. – fast and without distraction. WordReference gets extra support outside of selling advertising.

Heavy Users
Do you see a message that said that you were a "heavy user"? We are showing that to the heaviest users, those making more than 1000 searches per month. We are thrilled that you find the site so useful and are equally happy to be able to create, work on, and continue improving the WordReference website. Please become a Supporter and the message will disappear.

Please note:

  • You must be logged into the forums with "Stay logged in" checked for it to work.
    (Still seeing ads? Log out and log back in with "Stay logged in" checked. The ads will go away within 60 minutes.)
  • Becoming a WordReference Supporter will not remove all ads from our mobile apps.
  • You may be prompted to log in to your forum account when you click the "Purchase" button.
    Create a free forum account if you don't have one.
Purchase$20 (USD) for 1 year

This is new for us! If you still see ads after you have become a Supporter, please use the "report" link at the bottom of this page (or the "Contact Us" link on the forums) to let us know. We will work to remove them. If you are angry and want to yell at us, you can do that, too.

Thank you all and we are grateful for your support!

The WordReference Team