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ترجمات رئيسية
busy adj (occupied: person)مشغول
 Please don't bother me. I'm busy doing my taxes.
 من فضلك لا تزعجني، فأنا مشغول في حساب ضرائبي.
busy adj (telephone, in use)قيد الاستخدام
 The phone line is busy.
 الهاتف مشغول.
ترجمات إضافية
busy adj (occupied: place)مشغول/ مؤجر، مستخدم
 The bathroom is busy now.
busy adj (active)مليء بالحركة
 Stephen has a busy life.
busy adj (meddlesome)فضولي، متطفل
 You're a busy little so-and-so, aren't you?
busy vtr (keep occupied)يشغل نفسه بـ
 Arthur tries to busy himself with small tasks.
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صيغ مركبة
busy bee n informal, figurative (very active person)شخص نشيط جداً
 You've cleaned the whole house this morning? What a busy bee you are!
busy signal n (buzz when dialled phone in use)إشارة مشغول في الهاتف
get busy vi slang (hurry up and do [sth])يهرع لعمل شيء
 It's five o'clock and you still haven't done your chores? You'd better get busy!
keep busy vi informal (occupy oneself, find [sth] to do)يشغل نفسه بـ، يبقى على انشغال بـ
 Since my daughter left for college, I keep busy by working in my garden.
 With the district manager in the store, everyone kept busy all day.
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