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ترجمات رئيسية
mark vtr (indicate)يحدّد، يعيّن
 Mark the text to be studied.
 حدّد ( عيّن ) النص المراد دراسته.
mark vtr (scratch, mar)يخدش
 The cat marked up the table leg with its claws.
 خدشت القطة رجل الطاولة بمخالبها.
mark n (visible sign) اشارة مرئيةعلامة بارزة
 The falling chair left a mark on the wall.
 ترك سقوط الكرسي علامة بارزة على الحائط.
mark n (punctuation) الترقيمعلامة
 You need to put a punctuation mark at the end of every sentence.
 يجب وضع علامة ترقيم في نهاية كل جملة.
ترجمات إضافية
mark n UK (grade)درجة، علامة
 He received a low mark in Spanish.
mark n dated (cross)إشارة تقاطع، صليب
 I need your signature or mark at the bottom.
mark n (spot, scratch)بقعة، أثر
 The antique table has a dark mark towards the left side.
mark n (badge, brand)شعار، ماركة
 The rising sun is the mark for that brand of floor wax.
mark n (indication, token)دليل، إشارة
 وحدة العملة الألمانية
 This gift is a mark of my respect for you.
mark n (target)هدف
 He hit the mark on his third shot with the bow and arrow.
mark n (landmark)معلم رئيسي
 St Paul's Cathedral is the most obvious mark in this area of London.
mark n (standard)نقطة استدلال
 The four-minute mile is the mark that all middle distance runners want to beat.
mark n colloquial (dupe, victim)دالة، بصمة
 The pickpocket looked for a new mark with a full wallet.
mark n (reference point)نقطة استدلال
 There are four marks along the trail.
mark n (sports: starting line)خط الانطلاق
 On your marks; get set; go!
mark n (sports: record)سجل الفوز (رياضة)
 The mark to beat is three point two metres.
mark n (competition: record)سجل الفوز (رياضة)
 The mark of perfection is to eat more than fifty hot dogs in five minutes.
mark n (identifying stamp)بصمة
 They realized that the letter was genuine when they saw the prince's mark.
mark vtr (be a notable characteristic of)يميز
 Violence marked each night of the war.
mark vtr (draw)يعلّم، يرسم
 She marked all over her paper because she was bored.
mark vtr (attach a price tag or label)يسعّر
 The stored marked the goods on sale with red price tags.
mark vtr (grade)درجة، علامة
 The teacher marked the students' essays with the scores they had earned.
mark vtr (notice)يلاحظ، يلحظ
 He marked her displeasure and responded appropriately.
mark vtr (consider attentively, remember)يتذكر، يضع في الاعتبار
 Mark my words!
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صيغ مركبة
check mark n US (tick)علامة تأشير، إشارة صح أو إكس
 He wrote a check mark next to each completed task on his list.
easy mark n ([sb] easily targeted or victimized)شخص سهل الاستهداف
 She was an elderly lady, living alone - an easy mark for the smooth-talking con-man.
exclamation mark, US: exclamation point n UK (punctuation used after interjection)علامة تعجب
good mark n (high grade: in exam, test)علامة عليا في الاختبار
 I got a very good mark in my Spanish exam.
hash mark n (cross-hatched symbol)رمز
 To abbreviate the word "number" in English, just use the hash mark.
high-water mark n literal (mark showing highest reach of water)أعلى علامة ارتفاع للماء في حالة المد البحري
high-water mark n figurative (greatest achievement)أكبر إنجاز
identification mark n (barcode or serial number)باركود، رقم متسلسل
kite mark, Kitemark n UK (indication that [sth] meets quality standards)علامة بريطانية بأن المنتج يفي يمواصفات الجودة.
leave one's mark vi (make an impact)يترك أثراً أو انطباعاً
 Parents leave their mark on their children.
make a mark v literal (write, draw or paint)يؤشر، يعلم كتابة او بالرسم
 He made a mark on the pavement to show where to turn.
make a mark v figurative (have an impact)يؤثّر
 Dick Button made his mark on figure skating when he performed the first double axel jump.
make your mark v (have an impact)يؤثّر، يحدث تأثيراً
 Peter Jackson has made his mark in the cinematic realm.
mark as vtr (indicate to be)يشير
 Entries marked as "private" are not visible to other users.
mark down vtr (give lower grade to)يخفض علامة فلان
 The teacher marked my paper down because I misspelled so many words.
mark down vtr (reduce price of)يخفض السعر
 The store marked down the Christmas merchandise in January.
mark down vtr (record, note)يسجل، يكتب ملاحظة
 Mark down your dentist appointment on the calendar so you don't forget it!
mark off vtr (delineate, outline)يخطط، يرسم
 Mark off the area to be tiled and find the centre.
 They marked off the area of the garden that was to be laid to lawn.
mark out vtr (delineate, define)يخطط، يرسم، يحدد
 Animal mark out their territory with a variety of visual and scent signals.
mark up vtr (sell at higher price)يبيع بسعر عال
 يطمس، يمسح
mark up vtr (mark with proofreading symbols)يؤشر برموز
 Please mark up your document to indicate bold, italic, or underlined.
question mark n (interrogative punctuation symbol)علامة سؤال
question mark n figurative (element of doubt)حالة من الشك
 There's a question mark over his ability to manage the team.
quotation mark n (inverted comma, speech mark)علامة تنصيص أو اقتباس
reference mark n (punctuation indicating a footnote, etc.)إشارة مرجع، حاشية
up to the mark adj (acceptably good)رفيع المستوى
 My teacher told me that my work wasn't up to the mark.
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