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ترجمات رئيسية
art n (painting, sculpture)الفن
 Fred was born with an appreciation for art.
 وُلد فرد ولديه تقدير للفن.
art adj (painting, sculpture)فنيّ
 Warhol is a famous figure in the art world.
 كان وارهول شخصية مشهورة في عالم الفن.
ترجمات إضافية
art adj (non commercial)فنيّ
 Mike's favourite films are art films.
art n (skill)مهارة
 Rick says that barbecuing steaks is an art.
art n (not nature)فن
 She thinks that art can be more beautiful than the natural world.
art, arts npl (humanities)فنون، آداب
 Mary is studying for a Bachelor of Arts degree.
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صيغ مركبة
abstract art n (art that is not representational)فن مجرد
 When looking at abstract art, remember that it is usually not a portrayal of a tangible object.
art critic n ([sb] who reviews artwork professionally)ناقد فني
 The taste of that art critic is the standard of all proper society.
art dealer n ([sb] who sells works of art)بائع أعمال فنية
 Artists no longer contact that art dealer because he demands a high commission.
Art Deco n (20s and 30s art movement: Modern Style)حركة فنية ظهرت في العشرينات والثلاثينات من القرن الماضي
 The style of the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco is Art Deco.
art department n (school, etc.: department that teaches art)دائرة الفنون
 The art department welcomed fifty new students this year.
art department n (tv, film, theatre: department of props and scenery)دائرة الفن التلفزيوني والسينمائي
 The art department won an award for scenery design.
art director n (advertising: [sb] responsible for visuals)مخرج دعائي أو فني
art director n (tv, film: head of art department)مخرج أو مدير أعمال سينمائية أو تلفزيونية
art exhibition n (display of collected artworks)عرض فني
 The museum has a new art exhibition.
art form n (type of art such as sculpture or drawing)نمط فني
 Ice sculptures are a modern art form.
art gallery n UK (museum of art)متحف فني
 We had a wonderful time viewing the paintings at the art gallery.
art gallery n US (retail art emporium)متجر لبيع العمال الفنية
 The artist sells her paintings at the art gallery.
art museum n (art gallery)معرض فني
 The Hermitage is a famous art museum in St. Petersburg, Russia.
art of war n (military strategy)إستراتيجية عسكرية
 General Patton was an avid student of the art of war.
art school n (institution specialized in teaching art)كلية فنون
 He wants to study illustration, so he will attend art school in the fall.
art student n ([sb] who studies art)طالب يدرس الفنون
 She's an art student at the Royal College of Art in London.
black art n (art by people of African descent)فن إفريقي
 During Black History Month, many museums display black art.
black art n (black magic, witchcraft)سحر، شعوذة
commercial art n (art that is popular with buyers)فن تجاري
commercial art n (art used in advertising, for commerce)فن دعائي
 The book covers in any bookstore are a virtual museum of commercial art.
conceptual art n (art about ideas more than aesthetics)فن خيالي
 Having composed a work that consisted of several minutes of silence, it was clear that he was now interested in conceptual art.
culinary art n (art or skill of cookery)فن الطبخ
 Making a good curry sauce is a culinary art.
culinary art npl (art or skills of cookery)مهارة الطبخ
 Like many young men, his skill in the culinary arts was limited to boiling an egg and turning steaks on the barbecue.
erotic art n (art intended to arouse sexually)فن جنسي
 It's not easy to draw a precise dividing-line between 'erotic art' and 'pornography'.
fine art n (visual forms of art)الفن التصويري
 The sale will be of interest to collectors of fine art.
graphic art n (drawing, painting, print making)فنون الرسم
healing art n (alternative or holistic treatment)علاج بديل
 Acupuncture is an example of a healing art.
industrial art n (skill of operating a machine)الفن الصناعي، صناعة الآلات
martial art n (Eastern Asian combat discipline)الفن العسكري
 She decided to learn martial arts for self-defence.
objet d'art n (three-dimensional work of art)تحفة فنية
 That isn't just a jumble of trash; I paid good money for that objet d'art.
objets d'art npl (three-dimensional works of art)فن ثلاثي الأبعاد
op art n (abstract art movement)حركة فن تجريدي
piece of art n (artwork)تحفة فنية
pop art n (1950s modern art movement)الفنون المعاصرة
 Andy Warhol's painting of a soup can is the best-known work of pop art.
school of art n (college where art is studied)كلية الفنون
 Admission is highly competitive at many schools of art.
state of the art, state-of-the-art adj (cutting edge, advanced)عصري، حديث
ملاحظة: hyphens used when term is an adj before a noun
 Our new television uses state-of-the-art technology to provide the best picture and sound.
state of the art, state-of-the-art adj (advanced technologically)متقدم تقنياً
work of art n literal (painting, sculpture, etc.)عمل فني: رسم ونحت وغير ذلك
 The museum is a place to contemplate works of art.
work of art n figurative ([sth] beautiful and impressive)تفنن
 This landscape is a work of art.
 Aunt Betty's layer cake was a culinary work of art.
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