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ترجمات رئيسية
blast n (explosion)انفجار
blast n (good time)وقت ممتع
blast vi (explode)انفجر
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صيغ مركبة
at full blast adv (at the loudest volume possible)بأعلى الأصوات
 If you must play your music at full blast, please use headphones.
at full blast adv (as forcefully as possible)بكل طاقة, بكل عزم
 I accidentally turned the hose on at full blast and washed away all my seedlings.
blast away vtr (remove forcefully)ينتزع بقوة
 They will blast away the rocks with dynamite.
blast away vi US informal (shoot repeatedly )يطلق النار بصورة متكررة
blast furnace n (kiln used for smelting)فرن صهر المعادن
 Blast furnaces are used for smelting iron ore.
blast of wind n (gust)عاصفة رياح
 انفجار عاطفي
 A blast of wind blew the door shut and I could not get back in the house.
blast off, blast-off vi (spacecraft: launch) صواريخيطلق
ملاحظة: hyphen used when term is a noun
blast off, blast-off n (moment spacecraft leaves earth) صواريخانطلاق
blast out vi (sound very loudly)ينفجر، يصدر صوتاً عنيفاً
 The longer the traffic waited, the more the car horns blasted out.
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