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ترجمات رئيسية
business n (trade)تجارة
 William is in business as a shoemaker.
 يعمل ويليام كصانع أحذية.
business n (enterprise)عمل
 My uncle wants to start his own business.
 يريد عمي أن يبدأ عمله الخاص.
business n (economics: commerce)الأعمال
 Fiona is studying business at university.
 تدرس فيونا الأعمال في الجامعة.
business n (concerns)شأن
 That's none of your business.
 هذا ليس من شأنك.
ترجمات إضافية
business adj (of business)تجاري
 The two sat down to deal with business matters.
business adj (suitable for business)ملائم للعمل التجاري
 I put on my business suit.
business n (sales volume)حجم العمل التجاري
 We always have more business around the holidays.
business n (place of business)مجال العمل التجاري
 This store is our business.
business n (matter, affair)شأن، أمر
 Let's forget about the business with the bees.
business n (responsibility)مسئولية، مهمة
 My business is to look after my brothers.
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صيغ مركبة
big business n ([sth] very profitable)تجارة مربحة
big business n (large businesses collectively)مؤسسة تجارية ضخمة
business administration n (study of business management)إدارة أعمال
business affairs npl (commercial matters)شؤون تجارية
business as usual n figurative (normality)وضع عادي
 Although governments had paid millions to save banks in the credit crisis, it was business as usual in the City as million-pound bonuses were paid.
business at hand n (urgent matter for discussion)حالة ماسة للنقاش
 We have digressed enough, let's get back to the business at hand.
business card n (businessperson's calling card)بطاقة عمل
 I ordered my business cards from a well-known company that delivers promptly.
business case n (justification of project or expense)حالة عمل
business centre, US: business center n UK (area where many businesses are located. )مركز أعمال، مركز تجمع تجاري
business correspondence n (business letter)مراسلة تجارية
 I have separate files for my business correspondence and my personal correspondence.
business cycle n (recurring pattern of increase and decline)دورة أعمال، دورة تجارية، دورة اقتصادية
business day n (stock market: day of trading)يوم عمل
 Your phone call will be returned within one business day.
business deal n (agreement, contract)اتفاق، عقد، صفقة تجارية
 It's good business to have written contracts for all your business deals.
business dealings npl (transactions, deals)صفقات تجارية
 My uncle refuses to have any more business dealings with our company.
business directory n (listing of businesses)الدليل التجاري
business district n (commercial area of a town or city)منطقة تجارية
business English n (English language as used in business context)اللغة الإنجليزية المستخدمة في التجارة
business establishment n (commercial institution)مؤسسة تجارية
business ethics npl (moral constraints on trading practices)أخلاقيات الأعمال اَلتِّجَارِيَّة
 Differences in business ethics provide a challenge in international business.
business fluctuations npl (rising and falling economy)التقلبات التجارية
business is business expr (making a profit outweighs other concerns)العمل عمل
 He felt that I took advantage of his situation, but business is business.
business jet n (private jet used for business travel)طائرة تجارية
business letter n (business correspondence)مراسلة تجارية
 A letter to a friend is different from a more formal business letter.
business management n (commercial administration)إدارة أعمال
business person, businessperson n ([sb] employed in a commercial enterprise)رجل تجاري
business plan n (outline of prospective commercial venture)خطة عمل
 Before examining my loan request, the bank wanted to see a business plan.
business relations npl (working relationships)علاقات عمل
business school n (school teaching business and management )مدرسة تجارية
business studies npl (study of business management)علوم إدارة الأعمال
 A degree in business studies is more generalist than one in Economics.
business suit n (businessperson's formal outfit)ملابس تجارية
business trip n (journey made for work)رحلة عمل
 My secretary booked the hotels for my upcoming business trip.
business venture n (start-up business)الانطلاق بالعمل التجاري
 Most business ventures in my town don't last longer than six months.
business venture n (business investment involving risk)مغامرة تجارية
core business n (main business activity)جوهر العمل
 They decided to sell off several recent acquisitions and concentrate on their core business.
do business v (trade)يتاجر
do business with vtr (trade or deal with)يمارس أعمال تجارية مع
 The US does business with China because each country uses the other's resources.
do very little business vi (have few commercial dealings)يعمل أعمالاً تجارية بسيطة
funny business n slang (sneaky behaviour)عمل مخادع أو مزدوج
 We're leaving you alone on trust - so, no funny business!
get down to business v (focus on task)يركّز على مهمة العمل
 We need to get down to business if we hope to finish this today.
have no business vtr (not have the right)لا علاقة له بـ
 You have no business spreading gossip about me!
line of business n (profession, trade: field)نوع العمل، اتجاه العمل
 In his line of business it is customary to pay in cash only.
 The company is going to eliminate the two lines of business that are not performing well.
mind your own business interj informal (the matter doesn't concern you)لا تتدخّل
 Why don't you just mind your own business?
 If you mind your own business, you won't get in as much trouble.
monkey business n figurative, slang (silly or frivolous behaviour)سلوك ساذج
 The substitute teacher quickly put an end to all the monkey business.
monkey business n figurative, slang (trickery, deceitful behaviour)سلوك مضلّل
 One had to be careful when dealing with the hawkers in the market, who were famous for their monkey business.
none of your business interj informal (it isn't your concern)أمر لا يخصك
 How much do I earn? None of your business!
none of your business n informal (a matter that does not concern you)أمر لا يعنيك
 What I do with my time off is none of your business.
show business n (entertainment industry)عالم المسرح والسينما والاستعراضات
 عالم الفن
 She's been in show business since before we were born.
small business n (company with few employees)شركة او مؤسسة تجارية صغيرة
 Small businesses are allowed special loan rates.
transact business v (have commercial dealings)يعقد صفقات
 I prefer to transact business at a fine restaurant instead of in the boardroom.
transact business with vtr (have commercial dealings with)يعقد صفقات مع
 Because of their lending practices, we do not transact business with that bank.
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