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ترجمات رئيسية
civil adj (relating to society)مدني، أهلي، متمدّن
civil adj (courteous, not rude)مهذّب، لطيف
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صيغ مركبة
civil affairs npl (United Nations: civilians working with local authorities)العاملون في الشؤون المدنية
civil affairs npl US (US military: troops working with civilian authority)جنود عاملون في الشؤون المدنية
civil ceremony n (official, non-religious marriage ceremony)إحتفال عام
 They preferred a simple civil ceremony at city hall, but her mother insisted on a large church wedding.
civil court n UK (city court, non-criminal court)محكمة مدنية
 A civil court deals with non-criminal matters, such as eviction proceedings, anti-social behaviour orders (ASBOs), debt hearings and family proceedings.
civil disobedience n (peaceful protest)عصيان مدني
civil disorder n (disturbance of the peace, public unrest)شغب
 There was civil disorder outside the stadium after the soccer game.
civil engineer n ([sb] who designs public works )مهندس مدني
civil engineering n (design and building of structures)هندسة مدنية
 The construction of buildings, roads and bridges is all part of civil engineering.
civil liberties npl (personal freedom)الحريات المدنية
civil liberties npl (individual freedom from abuses by government)الحريات المدنية
 Many people died in the battle for universal suffrage and other civil liberties.
civil liberty n (individual freedom from abuse by government)الحرية المدنية
civil rights npl (individual rights in a society, )الحقوق المدنية
 If you don't claim and defend your civil rights you risk losing them.
civil rights movement n (campaign for human freedoms)حركة للدفاع عن الحريات المدنية
 Martin Luther King, Jr. is a hero of the civil rights movement in the United States.
civil servant n (government employee)موظف حكومي
 Some civil servants give the government a bad name.
civil service n (government workers)الخدمة المدنية
civil war n (internal war in a country)الحرب الأهلية
civil wedding n (non-religious marriage ceremony)زواج مدني
 The bride and groom decided on a civil wedding as they were not themselves religious people.
in a civil manner adv (politely, courteously)بلطف، بأدب، بكياسة
 Can we close this conversation in a civil manner?
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