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صيغ مركبة
hitch a ride v (get a lift in a stranger's vehicle)يركب في سيارة سائق غريب
 I might be able to hitch a ride to the airport.
 Thanks for letting me hitch a ride with you.
hitch up vtr (fasten or harness: an animal)يربط أو يسرج حيواناً
 He hitched his horse up to the post and went into the saloon for some whiskey.
hitch up vtr (pull higher; clothing, suspender)يرفع الملابس
 He hitched up his socks and pants.
hitch up vi US, informal (get married )يتزوج
 Tom and Sue are finally getting hitched up on Saturday.
if there is a hitch (should an unexpected problem arise)إذا ما ظهرت مشكلة
 I hope everything will run smoothly in my absence but if there is a hitch, call me.
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