للفعل: "to hold"

فعل ماض: held
التصريف الثالث للفعل: held

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ترجمات رئيسية
hold vtr (possess)يمسك
 She holds the keys to the car.
 تمسك هي بمفاتيح السيارة.
hold vtr (grasp)يمسك
 She holds her child's hand when they cross the street.
 تمسك بيد طفلها أثناء عبور الشارع.
hold vtr (contain)يحوي
 This container holds four litres of liquid.
 يحتوي الوعاء أربعة ليترات من السائل.
hold vi (wait)ينتظر
 Can you hold for a minute while I go to the bathroom?
 هل بإمكانك أن تنتظر دقيقة حتى أذهب للحمام؟
hold vi (adhere)يصمد
 Is that knot going to hold?
 هل ستصمد هذه العقدة؟
hold n (telephone) في الاتصالات الهاتفيةانتظار
 He was placed on hold for five minutes when he called.
 وُضع على الانتظار لمدة خمس دقائق عندما اتصل هاتفياً.
hold n (grasp)مسكة
 He had a tight hold on his daughter's wrist.
 أمسك بيد ابنته مسكة قوية.
ترجمات إضافية
hold n (ships)مخزن السفينة
 The dry food was kept down in the hold.
hold n (wrestling)مسكة مصارعة
 The wrestler used a special hold to defeat his opponent.
hold n (mental grasp)فهم/إستيعاب
 The new president's hold on difficult policy issues was not strong.
hold vi (remain, continue)ينتظر
 I'm going to hold on here for a while to finish my beer.
hold vi (keep a grasp)يمسك ب
 I'm going to have to let it drop, I can't hold any longer.
hold vi (continue to resist sthg)يصمد
 The dam has held through all the storms that have passed.
hold vi (agree with)يوافق
 I'm sorry, but I just don't hold with that attitude.
hold vi (refrain)يمتنع
 He held off from criticising her.
hold vtr (not fall)يتحمل
 Can the floor hold this weight?
hold vtr (continue to have)يحافظ على
 يحتفظ بمنصب
 His son can't hold a job. He keeps getting fired.
hold vtr (support)يدعم
 We hold the same position endorsed by the mayor.
hold vtr (take)يحفظ
 Could you hold this box for me for a minute?
hold vtr (maintain in place)يحافظ على
 Just hold your position till I arrive.
hold vtr (own)يمتلك
 She holds the land, but it is used by the entire family.
hold vtr (have in custody)يعتقل
 The police held the suspect in custody.
hold vtr (retain)يحتجز
 We held some cash in Euros in case of emergency.
hold vtr (not change state)يبقى
 The water level held at two feet above sea level.
hold vtr (engage in)ينخرط
 I don't hold discussions with silly people.
hold vtr (control)يسيطر
 She holds the keys to the kingdom.
 تتحكم هي في مفاتيح المملكة
hold vtr (accommodate)تستوعب
 This conference room holds up to forty people.
 تستوعب هذه القاعة أربعين شخصاً
hold vtr (military: defend)يصمد
 The rebels held their position for ten hours until reinforcements arrived.
hold vtr (military: occupy)يحتل
 The army sought to hold the strategic mountaintop.
hold vtr (course: maintain)يحتفظ ب
 Hold your current course for the next one hundred kilometres.
hold vtr (believe, consider)يعتبر
 He holds that those actions should be illegal.
hold vtr (take place, have)يعقد
 We will hold the meeting in the conference room.
 سنعقد الاجتماع في غرفة المؤتمرات
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صيغ مركبة
catch hold of vtr (grasp, grab)يفهم
 Mr. Jones caught hold of Mark by the collar and dragged him off to see the headmaster.
don't hold your breath interj informal (do not expect [sth] immediately)لاتتوقع شيئاً بسرعة
firm hold n (secure grasp)مقبض ثابت
 The army chief had a firm hold on power in the region.
get a hold of vtr informal (grasp)يتحكم
 Get a firm hold of the load and make sure it is not too heavy before you lift.
get hold of vtr informal (obtain)يحصل على، يكتسب، ينال
 Can you tell me where I can get hold of a watch like yours?
get hold of vtr figurative (reach, contact)يتصل، يتوصل إلى
 I've been trying to get hold of him all week, but he's always out.
 You need to get hold of a copy of his birth certificate.
get hold of vtr literal (grasp)يفهم، يدرك
 She got hold of his arm and pulled him towards her.
grab hold of vtr (grasp in one's hand)يمسك باليد
 Bella jumped on the back of Jacob's motorcycle and grabbed hold of his body.
 Grab hold off the rope so that I can pull you up!
grab hold of vtr figurative (seize [sth]: idea)يتمسّك بفكرة أو أمر ما
have a hold on [sth] v literal (have a firm grasp of)يدرك بحزم
have a hold on [sth] v (book: have reserved)يحجز
 I have a library book on hold that needs to be picked up by Friday.
have a hold on [sth] v (account: be blocked from using)يجمد حساباً
 Any check I deposit has a hold on it for 7 days.
hold a candle to vtr figurative (be worthy of being considered the same thing as)يتساوى
 As a songwriter, George Harrison couldn't hold a candle to Paul McCartney.
hold a conversation vi (talk, converse, chat)يناقش، يدردش
 The man was too drunk to hold a conversation.
hold a grudge against vtr (resent)يحمل ضغينة
 Peter holds a grudge against his co-worker, who received the promotion that Peter was hoping for.
hold a meeting vi (meet to discuss [sth] formally)يعقد اجتماعاً
 The council will hold a meeting to discuss the road repairs.
hold a press conference v (speak to media)يعقد مؤتمراً صحفياً
 The senator held a press conference to explain his new proposal.
hold back vtr (restrain)يتحفظ
 She had had such a bad day, she couldn't hold back the tears any longer.
 The boys started fighting so teachers came to hold them back.
hold dear vtr (value, cherish)يعز، يحب بقوة
 Freedom of speech is a concept which I hold dear.
hold down vtr figurative (keep from losing)يحفظ من الضياع
 I've been fired four times. I just can't hold down a job!
hold down vtr literal (restrain)يحتجز، يحبس
 Hold his arms down so he'll stop hitting me!
hold down a job v (remain in employment)يبقى في عمله
 After years of unemploymet, John managed to hold down a job at the post office.
 I can never seem to hold down a job.
hold forth vi (talk at length)يطيل في الكلام
 Prince Charles could hold forth for hours on the subject of architecture.
hold good vi (apply, remain true)يثبت، يصمد
 The old saying "waste not, want not" still holds good today.
hold hands vi (clasp one another's hand)تماسك الأيادي
 My sister and her boyfriend always hold hands when watching a movie.
hold in vtr (restrain, repress)يضبط النفس
 I can't hold in my feelings any longer!
hold in check vtr (control, reign in)يكبح جماح، يصد
 He had to hold his anger in check when his son wrecked the car.
hold it interj informal (wait, stop)قف! انتظر!
 Wait a minute! Hold it, everybody!
hold it against [sb] vi (resent [sb], bear a grudge against [sb])يستاء من، يحقد
 She insulted him years ago, and he still holds it against her.
hold it! interj (wait!) صيغة أمرانتظر!
 Hold it! I want to say one more thing before you go.
hold off vi (delay, refrain from doing [sth])يؤجل، يمتنع عن
 I hope the rain holds off till we get home.
hold off vtr (refrain from, delay: doing [sth])يؤجل، يمتنع عن
 Please hold off playing the drums until after I've gone!
hold off vtr ([sb]: resist, prevent attack of)يصد، يقاوم
 The soldiers managed to hold off the attacking forces for three days.
hold on vi (stay courageous or patient)يصمد، يصبر
 I know you are upset, but you must hold on for the sake of the children.
hold on vi informal (maintain position)يتمسك بـ
 Hold on till I get there!
hold on tightly vi (grip securely)يمسك، يتمسك
 She held on tightly to the railings as she crossed the footbridge.
hold on to vtr (grasp, clutch)يمسك بقوة
 If you think you are going to slip, hold on to my arm.
hold onto vtr literal (grip, grasp)يمسك، يفهم
 A fielder must always hold onto the ball when he catches it.
hold onto vtr (keep, maintain despite difficulty)يحفظ، يحافظ رغم الصعوبة
 In all the years of poverty she managed to hold onto her dignity.
hold out vi (withhold [sth])يحتجز شيئاً
hold out vtr (offer, proffer)يعرض، يقدم
 He held out his hand for the dog to sniff it.
hold out vi (continue to resist)يواصل المقاومة
 Keep asking her for a date, she can't hold out much longer.
hold out n informal ([sb] who will not accept offer)شخص يرفض العرض
hold out vi (last, be sufficient)يدوم، يكفي
 I don't think the cattle feed is going to hold out until Christmas, we must order more.
hold out against vtr (continue to resist)يصمد
 The remote mountain village held out against the foreign armies.
 I'm holding out against joining Facebook.
hold out hope v (stay optimistic)يصبر، يمسك بأنفاسه
 يقاوم، يتحمل
 I still hold out hope of finding her again one day.
 Police do not hold out much hope of catching the culprits.
hold [sb] back vi (hinder [sb]'s progress or success)يحجز، يمنع
 She wants to be an actress but a lack of talent is holding her back.
hold [sb] to vtr (consider to be a promise, expect [sb] to honour)يتوقع التزامات من الآخرين
 He said he would come and see me, and I'll hold him to that.
hold steady vi (be steadfast, remain firm)يصمد، يثبت
 After holding steady for years, she finally gave up and sold the failing business.
hold steady vtr (keep securely in place)يحفظ في مكان آمن
 This chain will hold the post steady against the wind.
hold [sth] against [sb] vi (resent [sb] for [sth], bear a grudge)يستاء من، يحقد
 He always held it against me that I voted against him for leader of the Party.
hold [sth] against [sb] vi (hold a grudge)يتحامل على
 I won't hold it against you if you don't want to join me.
hold [sth] back vi (withhold [sth])يكبح، يمنع
 He didn't give me all the money today, he's holding back half of it till the work is finished.
hold [sth] back vtr (not tell complete story)يخفي، يحجب
 She said she had told him all about her previous marriage, but he suspected she was holding something back.
hold [sth] back vtr (refrain form expression emotion)يكبت مشاعره
 She held back her anger until the children had gone to bed.
hold [sth] by vi (keep [sth] aside for [sb])يضع جانباً
 Hold this dress by for me until I get paid on Saturday.
hold [sth] down vi (restrain, repress [sth])يكبح، يقيد
hold [sth] down vtr (food: not eject as vomit)يحتبس: الطعام
hold [sth] in reserve v (store or keep [sth])يحتفظ كاحتياطي
 Many vintners will hold a particularly good year in reserve for private use.
hold sway v (have influence or power)يسيطر، يتحكم
 The political advisor holds sway over the mind of the President.
hold the attention vi (be interesting)يجتذب الأهتمام
 The movie had an entertaining beginning, but it failed to hold the attention of the audience for the entire ninety minutes.
hold the phone v (keep phone connection open)يبقى على خط الهاتف
hold tight vi (grasp [sth] firmly)يشد على اليد، يمسك بحزم
hold tight vtr (grasp firmly)يثبت بحزم
hold tight vi (persist, wait)يصر، يتمسك برأيه
 I'll be back in one moment-- hold tight.
 Hold tight, I will be there soon.
hold together vi (cohere, be cohesive)يتماسك
 Incorporate the liquid into the dry ingredients until they hold together.
hold together vtr (maintain unity of)يتحد
hold up, hold-up vtr (support)يدعم، يساند
ملاحظة: hyphen used when term is a noun
 The pillar is holding up the roof.
hold up, hold-up vtr (delay, keep waiting)يؤجل، ينتظر
hold up, hold-up vi (endure, maintain under pressure)يتحمل، يصبر
 How are you holding up with all the work?
hold your interest v (keep you involved)يثير الاهتمام
hold your tongue vi idiom (keep silent about [sth])يكتم السر
 You must hold your tongue and not tell your mother-in-law what you really think of her cooking.
keep hold of vtr informal (maintain one's grasp on)يدرك، يفهم
not hold back vi informal (express one's feelings freely)لا يكبت مشاعره، يتحدث بصراحة
not hold back vi (not restrain oneself)لا يكبت نفسه
 In self-defense, one should not hold back.
not hold up vi (fail to withstand close examination)يفشل أمام امتحان دقيق
 When the experts performed their tests on the crude counterfeit money, it did not hold up.
not hold up vi (break easily in use)سهل الإنكسار(هش)
on hold adv (suspended)معلق، متوقف مؤقتاً
 Our marriage plans are on hold for the time being.
put on hold vtr (suspend)يعلق، يوقف
 The construction of the new shopping center was put on hold during the credit crisis.
put on hold vtr (phone: keep waiting)ينتظر على الهاتف
take hold v (become established)يترسخ، يثبت
 It took years for the new system to take hold.
take hold of vtr (grasp, seize)يفهم، يدرك
 The horse wouldn't move, so I took hold of the reins and pulled.
that which you hold dear n (everything that is important to you)كل ما يهمك
 If you go to jail, you risk losing that which you hold dear - your marriage, your career, and your family.
toe hold n literal (place for toe when climbing)مكان وضع الإصبع في التسلق
 Rock climbers wear very soft shoes so they can feel for toe holds.
toe hold n figurative (tenuous position)موضع هش
 My company barely has a toe hold overseas.
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