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ترجمات رئيسية
journey n (extended travel)رحلة
 We went on a journey around South America.
 قمنا برحلة طويلة حول امريكا الجنوبية.
ترجمات إضافية
journey n (distance)مسافة، بعد، سفرية
 It is a five hundred km. journey to the next large city.
journey n (duration of travel)مدة قطع المسافة
 The town is three days' journey by horse from here.
journey n figurative (progress, passage)تقدم، عبور، مرور
 Her journey to wealth was rapid.
journey vi (travel)يسافر، يعبر، يتجول
 He journeyed through the forest to the Mayan ruins.
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صيغ مركبة
go on a journey vi (travel somewhere)يسافر إلى مكان ما
 The fortune teller said that I would be going on a journey soon - not difficult to predict since I was wearing my airline pilot's uniform.
journey's end n (destination)وجهة الرحلة، المكان المقصود
 After months on the road, they were sad to have finally reached their journey's end.
pleasant journey n (enjoyable travel experience)رحلة مثيرة
take a journey v (make a trip)يذهب في نزهة
 Later this month I plan to take a journey to see my father.
transatlantic journey n (trip across the Atlantic Ocean)رحلة عبر الأطلسي
 The trip from London to New York was a transatlantic journey.
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