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medical adj (of medicine)طبي
medical adj (treatable by medicine)طبي
medical n (physical exam)فحص طبي
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صيغ مركبة
medical assistance n (first aid)إسعاف أولي
 Call an ambulance! This man needs medical assistance.
medical assistant n (medical support worker)مساعد طبي، مسعف
 The medical assistant helped the doctor put a cast on the patient's leg.
medical attendant n (paramedic or first aider)رجل إسعاف
medical attention n (assistance of a medical professional)عناية طبية، تطبيب
medical care n (treatment by a medical professional)رعاية طبية
 The local clinic provides top notch medical care.
medical centre, US: medical center n UK (health clinic)مَرْكز طبي، عيادة طبية
 The medical center included the hospital and the outlying buildings housed the doctor's private practices.
medical centre, US: medical center US (area where medical facilities are located)مَرْكز طبي
 The medical centre is one of the busiest places in any city.
medical diagnosis n (determining a disease from symptoms)معاينة طبية
 She had many different symptoms so the medical diagnosis wasn't easy.
medical ethics n (code of moral conduct within medicine)أخلاقيات الطب
 The code of medical ethics is strictly enforced to protect the rights of patients.
medical examination n (physical inspection to check health)فحص طبي
 All boys are given a medical examination before starting military service.
medical history n ([sb]'s past health problems)السجل الطبي لمريض
 The doctor carefully studied the patient's medical history.
medical instrument n (implement used for medical examination)أداة طبية
 The medical instruments were neatly laid out on a tray before the surgery.
medical practice n (doctor's business)ممارسة الطب
 His medical practice was a short distance from the hospital.
medical practitioner n (doctor)طبيب عام
 Please see your Primary care physician or other Medical Practitioner.
medical school n (university where medical degrees are taught)كلية طبية
 I want to be a doctor so I will have to spend many years at medical school.
 What med school did your doctor graduate from?
medical treatment n (attention of a medical professional)معالجة طبية
 The crash survivors required medical treatment.
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