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ترجمات رئيسية
military n (armed forces)الجيش
 القوات المسلحة
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صيغ مركبة
compulsory military service n (obligatory period spent in the military)خدمة عسكرية إلزامية
 Compulsory military service is known as "National Service" in the UK.
military academy n (training institution for armed forces)أكاديمية عسكرية
 West Point is a highly-respected military academy.
military aircraft n (plane or helicopter used by armed forces)طائرة عسكرية
military aircraft npl (planes or helicopters used by armed forces)طائرات عسكرية
military attaché n (army officer on diplomatic mission)ملحق عسكري
 Colonel Gunfree is the military attaché for this crucial mission.
military band n (instrumental group that plays on military occasions)فرقة موسيقية عسكرية
 The military band was called to play at the governor's funeral, since he was an ex-Marine.
military base n (army facility)قاعدة عسكرية
 My aunt is a civilian worker on a military base.
military camp n (army encampment)معسكر
 The refugees were never so happy as when they first saw the military camp for the liberation forces.
military campaign n (planned operations by the army)حملة عسكرية
 That battle was considered the turning point of the entire military campaign.
military chaplain n (clergyman who ministers to army personnel)قسيس يرعي مصالح الموظفين العسكريين
 The military chaplain collapsed from exhaustion after ministering to so many casualties.
military coup n (coup d'état: military overthrow of government)انقلاب عسكري
 The president had to flee the country after a successful military coup.
military decoration n (soldier's medal: award for honour or bravery)نيشان، ميدالية عسكرية
 He was awarded many military decorations for his bravery in combat.
military dictatorship n (political control by armed forces)دكتاتورية عسكرية
military establishment n (army base)قاعدة عسكرية
 You must not take photographs anywhere near a military establishment.
military intelligence n (analysis of enemy operations)الاستخبارات العسكرية
 Thanks to military intelligence, we have uncovered the enemy's operation in time.
military officer n (member of military staff)ضابط عسكري
military service n (compulsory period spent in the army)الخدمة العسكرية
 Compulsory military service was abolished in Spain in 2001.
military tactics npl (army strategy)تكتيكات حربية
 By using unconventional military tactics, he was able to evade capture.
military training n (drilling in army discipline and techniques)تدريب عسكري
 War journalists are now often required to undergo military training before being allowed to go into the field.
military transport n (army vehicles)وسائل النقل العسكرية
military unit n (armed force or division)وحدة عسكرية
 His military unit has been called up for deployment.
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