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ترجمات رئيسية
name n (full name) الاسم بالكاملاسم علم
 My name is Peter Smith.
 اسمي بيتر سميث.
name n (first name, given name) اسم الشخصاسم شهرة
 What's your name?
 ما هو اسمك؟
name n (last name, surname, family name) اللقباسم الشخص
 My professor's name is Smith.
 إسم العائلة لأستاذي هو سمث.
name, name [sb] vtr (give the name of)يسمّى
 They are going to name the baby Michael.
 سيسمون طفلهم مايكل.
name, name [sb] vtr (give a name to)يسمّى، يلقب
 أطلق اسمًا
 Let's name the song "Furtive Mission".
 دعونا نسمي هذه الأغنية "المهمة المراوغة".
 فلنطلق على هذه الأغنية اسم "المهمة المراوغة".
name, name [sb] vtr (mention by name)يذكر اسم، يسمي
 The police report named three witnesses.
 ذكر تقرير الشرطة أسماء ثلاثة شهود.
ترجمات إضافية
name adj (commerce: famous, branded)مشهور
 Jen likes to wear clothes from a name brand.
name adj (bearing a name)اسم شهرة
 The cinema usher wore his name tag with pride.
name n (designation)اسم مخصص
 Colin wants a new name for his band.
name n figurative (repute)مكانة، منزلة
 Jill is trying to make a name for herself.
name n figurative (celebrity)شهرة
 The organizers want a big name to host the banquet.
name n (mere designation)اسم مجرد
 Johnson was chairman in name only.
name n figurative (renown, reputation)شهرة
 He married her for her good name and contacts.
name, name [sb] vtr (identify)يحدّد، يسمي
 The writer named Twain as his inspiration.
name, name [sth] vtr (specify)يخصّص
 Just name your price, and I'll pay it.
name, name [sb] vtr (appoint)يعيّن، يسمي اسم مرشح
 The council named a successor.
name, name [sb] vtr (accuse)يوجه الاتهام إلى
 The police have named a suspect in the case.
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صيغ مركبة
bear the name of vtr (be named after)يحمل اسم فلان
 Many butterfly species bear the name of their discoverers.
birth name n (name on birth certificate)الاسم عند الولادة
 الاسم حسب شهادة الميلاد
 Her birth name was Georgiana, but everyone just called her Georgie.
brand name n (trademark, product name)علامة المصنع، علامة تجارية
 Kleenex is the brand name for facial tissue.
call [sb] every name under the sun v (hurl insults at [sb])ينهال عليه بالشتائم
 You can call me every name under the sun, but it doesn't change the situation one bit.
Christian name n (first or given name of a Christian)اسم التنصير: الاسم الاول الذى يسبق اسم الاسرة
 Enter your Christian name in the first box and your surname in the second.
clear your name v (prove your innocence)أثبت براءتك
 You'll have to sue that slanderer in court in order to clear your name.
code name, codename n (name used to conceal identity [sb], [sth])اسم مرمز أو مشفر
 Deep Throat was the code name for one of the Watergate informants.
family name n (surname, last name)اسم العائلة
 He's the last surviving male so it's his task to carry on the family name.
first name n (given or Christian name)الأسم الأول
 In the US, "Michael" is a popular first name for boys.
 Most forms ask you to complete your surname followed by your first name.
full name n (first, middle and last names)الاسم الكامل
 You must always give your full name when filling out government forms.
 Please state your full name to the judge.
full name n (complete given and family names)الاسم الكامل واسم العائلة
 Hispanic cultures use the mother's last name as part of the child's full name.
generic name n (non-brand name of a product)اسم جنيس، اسم غير مسجل الملكية
give [sb] a bad name vi (damage [sb]'s reputation)يشوه السمعة
 You give love a bad name (Bon Jovi, 1986!).
given name n (first or Christian name)الأسم الأول الذى يسبق اسم الأسرة
given name n (first or middle name)الأسم الأول أو الثاني
go by the name of vtr (be called, be known as)يُسمى
good name n figurative (reputation)مكانة، منزلة
 Although they were never proven, the allegations tarnished his good name.
 A good name is worth more than riches.
household name n ([sb] or [sth] very well known)شخص أو شيء معروف
 The footballer David Beckham is now a household name.
in name only adv (not in fact or in practice)بالاسم فقط
in the name of prep (for: a cause or reason)باسم، نيابة عن
last name n (surname, family name)الاسم الأخير، اسم العائلة
 James Bond's last name is Bond.
maiden name n (woman's surname before marriage)اسم الفتاة قبل الزواج
 These days, a lot of women keep their maiden name after getting married.
make a big name for yourself v (become successful, famous)ينجح، يشتهر
 After his book was published he made a big name for himself in literary circles.
married name n (woman's surname after marriage)اسم العائلة للمرأة بعد الزواج
 Women may be known by their married names or their maiden names.
middle name n (second or additional given name)الاسم الأوسط
 I never use my middle name.
 His first name was Michael, but everyone called him by his middle name, John.
my name is (I am called, I am known as)اسمي كذا
 My name is Joe.
name after vtr (give the same name as)يسمى على اسم
 John was named after his grandfather.
 We'd like to name the baby after my mother if it's a girl.
name and address npl (personal details)التفاصيل الشخصية
 Please give me your name and address and I will add you to the mailing list.
name of the game n informal, figurative (aim, purpose)الهدف، الغاية
 For most students, getting good grades is the name of the game.
 In the business world, "profit" is the name of the game.
name tag n (cloth label for name)بطاقة عنونة قماشية
 They had to sew name tags into all their clothes.
name tag n (metal or leather label for name)بطاقة عنونة معدنية أو مطاطية
 The staff all wore name tags.
pen name n (pseudonym, writer's alias)اسم مستعار
 Writer Samuel Clemens used the pen name Mark Twain.
place name n (name of a location)اسم الموقع أو المكان
 You need to include the place name in the address.
proprietary name n (trade name, brand name)اسم تجاري
 A proprietary name is distinguished from an ordinary name by use of trademarks.
scientific name n (Latin term for [sth])اسم علمي
 The scientific name for the house cat is "felis catus".
screen name n (film actor's pseudonym)اسم فني
screen name n (computing: username)اسم المستخدم(في الحاسوب)
stage name n (entertainer's pseudonym)الأسم الفني
 A lot of actors adopt stage names that are shorter than their real names.
street name n (name of a road)اسم شارع
 The street names in my area are all named after famous English poets.
street name n (drug: common name)اسم شائع
 Pot, weed and grass are commonly used street names for marijuana.
trade name n (brand name, proprietary name)اسم تجاري
 Prescription drugs have both trade names and generic names.
user name, username n (computing: log-in name)اسم المستخدم
 I typed in my user name and password to log in.
what's-his-name n slang (man whose name one has forgotten)الذي يسمى...! نسيان الاسم
 I ran into what's-his-name again this afternoon.
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