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ترجمات رئيسية
post n UK for mail (mail: delivery of letters, parcels, etc.) البريد في المملكة المتحدةبريد
 The bill is going out in today's post.
 سيتم إرسال الفاتورة مع بريداليوم.
post n (job, position, office)وظيفة
 Lee was hired for a post in government.
 تم تعيينه في وظيفة في الحكومة.
post vtr (display on a notice board, etc.) يلصق إعلانًا على جدار أو لوحةيعلن
 The professor posted the test results in the hallway.
 أعلن الأستاذ نتائج الامتحان على اللوحة في المدخل.
ترجمات إضافية
post n UK for mail (mail: letters, parcels, etc.)البريد
 Can you check today's post for the letter from the bank?
post n UK for mail (mail: delivery system)نظام البريد
 The post is slow in rural areas.
post n UK for mail (mail: drop-off place)صندوق إرسال الرسائل
 She dropped the letters in the post.
post n (military station)موقع عسكري
 The soldiers were sent to a surveillance post near the front lines.
post n (military camp)معسكر
 The sergeant is respected on this post.
post n (place where a task is carried out)مهمة، وظيفة
 The diplomatic post was not very popular, as the country lack modern facilities.
post n (trading post)محل تجاري
 The trappers entered the trading post.
post n (pole)دعامة، سارية
 The car hit a post.
post n (pillar)عمود
 The temple is supported by posts.
post n (goalpost)عمود مرمى
 The ball bounced off the post.
post n (forum message)نشر/إرسالية
 The third post in the thread had the answer he was looking for.
post vtr UK for mail (mail)يرسل رسالة بالبريد
 I posted the letter today.
post vtr (assign [sb] to a station)يعيّن في موقع
 The enlisted man was posted to a sniper unit near the town.
post vtr (assign [sb] to a job)يعيّن في منصب
 She was posted from headquarters to a field office.
post vtr (cover with posters)يلصق إعلان
 The boys posted the fence with concert advertisements.
post vtr (publish, advertise)ينشر في الجريدة
 The company posted the job vacancies in the newspaper.
post vtr US (score)يسجل هدفاً
 The visiting team posted a goal in the first half.
post vtr (mark in a ledger)يدرج فى قائمة تنشر أو تلصق على جدار
 The business posted a profit.
post vtr (update a ledger)يحدث البيانات في قائمة تنشر أو تلصق على جدار
 Post today's numbers in the general ledger.
post vtr (inform)يعْلِم
 She asked the policeman to keep her posted.
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صيغ مركبة
post | post- |
general post office n US (main post office branch)مكتب البريد الرئيسي
hitching post n (post to which animal is fastened)مربط الحيوانات
 The cowboy tied his horse to the hitching post outside the saloon and went in for a beer.
listening post n (position for obtaining information on an enemy)مَرْكز تصنت
 The intelligence services set up secret listening posts behind enemy lines.
observation post n (lookout, observation point)نقطة مراقبة
 The army has set up a series of observation posts.
post box, postbox n (pillar box, box for posting mail)صندوق أيداع البريد
 The car mounted the pavement and demolished a post box.
 I will mail the letter at the post box at the corner.
post card, postcard n (souvenir greetings card)بطاقة تذكارية
 Don't forget to send me a postcard.
post card, postcard n (card for posting without envelope)بطاقة معايدة
post hoc adv (after the fact)بعد انكشاف الحقيقة
post mortem n literal (autopsy: examination of dead body)تشريح الجثة، فحص الجثة بعد الوفاة
 The police requested a post mortem because the death was suspicious.
 A post mortem determined the cause of death was poisoning by arsenic.
post mortem n figurative (discussion of recent event)نقاش قضية حديثة
 The coaches held endless post mortems as to why the team had lost.
post office n (place where mail is sorted)مكتب بريد
 I am going to the post office as I have a parcel to send to my brother.
post office n (organization that delivers mail)وكالة بريدية
post secondary, post-secondary adj (education: tertiary)التعليم الثانوي العالي
ملاحظة: hyphen used when term is an adj before a noun
 The scheme is intended to address the specific needs of post-secondary students.
 We provide courses for learners at a post-secondary, but not tertiary, level.
post up vtr (display: a notice, etc.)إعلان
 The manager posted up the team selection in the changing room an hour before the game.
post-menopausal woman n (adult female who no longer menstruates)امراة لا تحيض، امرأة في سن اليأس
 There are many jokes about post menopausal women who are rather nutty.
post-mortem examination n (autopsy)فحص الجثث
 They do not know why he died. They are doing a post-mortem examination to find out.
Post-Office Box, post-office box, PO Box n (number used as mailing address)رقم صندوق البريد
 FedEx will not deliver packages to post office box addresses.
vacant post n (available position, job to be filled)وظيفة أو منصب شاغر
 I've heard there's a vacant post in this company.
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