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ترجمات رئيسية
rough adj (abrasive) عكس ناعمخشن
 This sandpaper is extra rough, so you can work faster.
 ورق الصقل هذا خشن للغاية، يمكنك العمل بسرعة أكثر
rough adj (uneven) غير مستوٍوعر
 The surface of this concrete is rough.
 سطح هدا الإسمنت وعر
ترجمات إضافية
rough adj (animal coat: shaggy)فرو خشن
 Border Terriers have quite rough coats.
rough adj (violent)جلف
 He is extremely rough with his kids.
 يعامل أبناءه بجلافة
rough adj (turbulent)حياة صعبة(قاسية)
 They have had a rough marriage with the death of two sons.
rough adj (weather: stormy)عاصف(طقس)
 The rough weather makes life difficult in Antarctica.
rough adj (rude)خشن/جلف
 Don't be so rough with them or they won't like you.
rough adj (disorderly)فظ
 I have had enough of your rough behaviour.
 لقد ضقت ذرعاً من تصرفك الفظ.
rough adj (food: coarse)خشنة
 The rough fibres in celery help clean your intestines.
rough adj (lacking luxuries)قسوة المعيشة
 Many people like the rough experience that they get camping.
rough adj (unpolished)مسودة
 There is just a rough draft. I should have a final version ready tomorrow.
rough adj (tentative)تقريبي
 Let me take a rough guess at the cost.
 دعني أضع تخميناً تقريبياً للتكلفة.
rough adv (roughly)بقسوة
 The sergeant treated us real rough.
rough vtr (sketch an outline)يسوّد
 Let me see if I can rough something together for you.
rough vtr (sports: abuse a player)يعامل بخشونة
 US: Go in there and rough up their best player, but don't get any fouls called on you.
 UK: Go in there and rough their best player - we have to win!
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صيغ مركبة
knock the rough edges off vtr informal, figurative (refine)يصقل، يشذب
rough diamond n literal (gemstone: uncut diamond)ماسة غير مصقولة
 Rough diamonds are very expensive in America.
rough diamond n figurative ([sb] unrefined but special)فظ ولكن طيب القلب
 He's the sort of rough diamond that women find irresistible.
rough draft n (writing: unfinished version)مسودة
 The writers are still working on a rough draft right now.
rough edges npl figurative (lack of refinement)نواقص، عيوب
 She wanted to smooth off his rough edges and teach him some manners.
rough edges npl literal (ragged outline)حواف متعرجة
 She ripped the paper instead of using scissors because she wanted rough edges.
rough grazing n (wild grassland)أرض عشبية برية
rough guess n (uneducated estimate)تقدير تقريبي
 I'd say the town's population is 75,000 - but that's just a rough guess.
rough layout n (general description of arrangement)تصميم او مخطط عام
 This is just a rough layout; I'll bring the finalized plans to our next meeting.
rough measure n (approximate gauge)قياس تقريبي
 By studying people's actions you'll have the rough measure of their characters.
rough out vtr (outline, plan sketchily)يعد مقاطع مسرحية، يلخص
 I can rough out the plans for your house but you have to hire an architect for the finished plans.
rough outline n (sketchy drawing or diagram)مخطط أولي
 I quickly drew a rough outline of an eye.
rough outline n (general idea or description)تصميم عام
 Here's a rough outline of the proposed web site, but it still needs refining.
rough sea n (stormy or choppy sea)بحر مائج
 The rough sea prevented him from returning from Capri port to Naples.
rough sketch n (rapid or loose drawing)رسم سريع
 Michelangelo always made a rough sketch before starting a sculpture.
rough spot n informal (difficult period)فترة صعبة
 She's going through a pretty rough spot just at the moment.
rough stuff n informal (physical violence)عنف جسدي
 We won't tolerate any more rough stuff from you bullies.
rough surface n (uneven or bumpy texture)سطح غير مستو
 The rough surface of the old wooden table caught a thread from her silk blouse.
rough surface n (abrasive texture)ملمس خشن (قماش)
 Tiles used on the bathroom and kitchen floors should have a rough service.
rough water n (stormy or choppy sea)بحر مائج
rough weather n (stormy or windy conditions)طقس عاصف
 They are predicting rough weather, so I don't think we will sail today.
smooth the rough edges off vtr literal (file down)يبرد بمبرد
 You can smooth the rough edge off the metal with a file or with sand paper.
smooth the rough edges off vtr figurative (refine)يصقل، يهذب
 As soon as they were married she started trying to smooth the rough edges off him.
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